The Practo App: Is it The Future of India's Healthcare Industry?

Updated On: May 3, 2023

Updated By: AppsRhino


Have you seen a car move without any driving force such as petrol, electricity or diesel? No, you have not, and most probably, you will never. In the same way, we can not operate well without a sound body, so we need to take utmost care of our health.

In India, where most of the population lives in rural dwellings, it isn't easy to ensure that people get the proper treatment they deserve. Moreover, during the time when the world sees deadly viruses and diseases arising every day, it has also become difficult for the urban population to seek the necessary treatment. 

However, there is a solution in the guise of The Practo App. The Practo App helps Indians get the right doctor at the right time without much waiting. Besides serving in India, the app is available in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. Dive in to know more!

What is the Practo App?

The Practo App is an online doctor search and a medication ordering platform. This platform allows patients to interact with healthcare professionals, nurses, and doctors. It keeps patients' data safe with the help of cloud technology.

This way, patients' records are constantly updated, and their healthcare professionals can access these documents when needed. Apart from these things, the Practo app lets patients book new appointments, track their treatment progress or records, and keep tabs on online accounting and payment services.

The Practo app used to handle 180000 patients per month a few years ago. However, today it manages twenty million patients every month and more than 2 million doctors annually.

Looking at how many people it can treat today only gives us insight into how it has revolutionized India's Healthcare Industry.

Without further ado, let us learn how the Practo app does wonders for the Indian healthcare industry.

How is the Practo app Revolutionising India's Healthcare Industry?

The Practo app is one of the best online doctor finder and medication ordering platforms we have today. This app lets you search for doctors and clinics in your city and book appointments whenever required. You can use the said app on both iOS and Android platforms. Once users download the app, they come across a simple  User Interface with numerous functions to explore. 

As soon as you log in, you will see that you have several cities in India to look for clinics and doctors.

We will tell you below how the Practo app has revolutionized India's healthcare industry with its beneficial features.

User Interface

The Practo app has a simple user interface. It has a white background, and all the sections are stacked neatly with separate boxes. These boxes include the options to get medicines delivered to your doorsteps, book appointments, get lab tests, and consult doctors online.

A CONSULT section within the Practo app lets patients chat with doctors. The section has a simple layout as any other messenger app. Before patients chat with doctors online, they need to type in their health problems and symptoms so that the app can suggest something.

The attractive point of the app is that it is easy for people to understand and use. Patients can navigate the app as the contents are appropriately organized with bright colored icons and correct captions to know for what they stand.

The minimalistic interface makes it easy for users to switch between screens and features smoothly without lag.

The Offerings

The Practo healthcare app drips user convenience everywhere. It focuses primarily on "Out of Home" and "At home" services. The At Home Services include the following:

  1.  Cost-effective health plans
  2. Consultancy
  3. Diagnostic services
  4. Pharmacy

You can get in touch with a verified healthcare professional within 60 seconds. You can talk, chat, or video call with them when needed. You can also get your medications delivered to your doorsteps and get lab tests done from the comfort of your house.

The Practo App for doctors always sends a verified and qualified medical professional to your address to collect your samples at the time that suits you. They also send your sample safely to the nearest Practo partnered NABL accredited lab. You will get your reports within 24 to 48 hours.

Practo Plus gives users more benefits. A few of them are as follows:


  1. Free unlimited consultations with your family doctor around the clock.
  2. A specialist in-clinic Consultation
  3. Health check-ups
  4. Medicine delivery


Let us talk about Out Of Home Services. The Out Of Home Services lets you search for a doctor of your choice, read about others' experiences with each doctor, their qualifications, etc. After you decide on the doctor you want to consult; you can call the clinic directly or book an appointment online. Booking an appointment online ensures that you see the selected doctor within fifteen minutes or less waiting time.  

A few hospitals and clinics that purchase Practo's technology product (Prime) provide their patients with the following perks:

  1. Online Instant appointment booking
  2. Wait time is as low as fifteen minutes or so.
  3. Meeting with the doctor whom you have selected.

Thus, the Practo healthcare app makes healthcare accessible to everyone with a smartphone and a good Internet connection. Now, you can get the required doctor to manage your health better whenever you are taken ill.


Practo is an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified company and medical practice that has developed the Practo app. The Practo app protects patient data with 256-bit encryption, whereas banks employ only 128-bit encryption in several cases.

The Practo app also has a multi-level security check clearance for doctors and patients with strict data privacy policies. Moreover, HIPAA-compliant servers host this app. Hence, whatever information you share with your doctors on the Practo app is safe.

What features does a healthcare app like the Practo app have?

A healthcare app like the Practo app has the following features:

Patient Panel Module 

The patient panel module should consist the following:

  1. Profile 
  2. Find a Clinic or Doctor
  3. Appointment Booking
  4. Real-Time Audio/Video Chat 
  5. Medical Records 
  6. Medicine Delivery 
  7. Payment Gateway 

Doctor Panel Module 

The doctor panel module should consist the following:

  1. Profile 
  2. Appointment Management 
  3. Patient Records & Medical History
  4. Prescription 
  5. Transaction & Analytics 

Admin Panel Module

The admin panel module should consist the following:

  1. Clinic Administration
  2. Dashboard
  3. Manage doctors
  4. Pay-out administration
  5. User Management
  6. Management of Diagnostic center
  7. Manage appointments
  8. Delivery personnel management

Medicine Delivery Panel

The Medicine panel module should have the following features:

  1. Notification
  2. My account
  3. View delivery


The Practo app is helpful to everyone. Be it a doctor or patient. This app lets doctors access their patients' data anytime they want. On the other hand, patients can access doctors of their choice by going through the list of doctors available on the app. 

The Practo app doesn't stop here; it lets you connect with your selected doctor in under 15 minutes. Isn't it great?

You can also check their profiles, read reviews submitted by other patients and explore different doctors and their services.

The Practo app also provides people with two sets of services: Out of Home" and "At home" services. You can take advantage of any services depending on your circumstances. Also, suppose you need to submit your samples. In that case, you can get it done with the help of the said app as it sends a verified and qualified person to collect your samples and deliver them to the nearest Lab.

Indeed, the Practo healthcare app is a useful invention helping patients find reliable doctors and doctors to promote their businesses. If you are a medical organization needing an app to streamline your business, you can get one just like the Practo app! And building such apps is like a piece of cake for AppsRhino who boasts a team of competent professionals who put their heart and soul into developing apps for our clients. Contact us today!