9 Reasons Why You Should Develop A Practo Clone For Your Business

Updated On: February 9, 2023

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## **Introduction** In today's fast-paced world, the power of modern technology is encouraging people to seek instant answers to their problems. It has fueled the expansion of numerous market sectors migrating to the digital platform, and the vital healthcare sector is no exception! Since these firms have moved online, the rise of on-demand apps is pushing many businesses to develop a one-stop destination for all of their customers' demands. The days of standing in queues for hours at the drugstore or a doctor's appointment are long gone. With the pandemic sweeping the healthcare enterprise to alternate quickly, numerous groups are seeking to create a practo clone app, an all-in-one platform for patients to make appointments with doctors, set up lab tests, order medicines, or even get e-prescriptions. Are you an entrepreneur or a startup planning to develop a Practo Clone app for your company? Do you want to know why your enterprise should invest in a Practo Clone app? Then you've come to the right place! But first, let us understand what precisely a Practo Clone application is.


Getting a prescription or seeing a doctor no longer requires standing in line for hours. In the wake of the pandemic era, several businesses are developing a practo clone app, an all-in-one platform for patients to make appointments with doctors and order medicines. **WHAT IS A PRACTO CLONE APP?** Practo Clone is a unique on-demand tool for online medical appointment booking. It serves as a bridge to swiftly pair patients with skilled doctors and enables productive communication amongst each other. It is a safe and integrated platform that helps to communicate with a doctor online. **9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD DEVELOP A PRACTO CLONE?** 1. Schedule an appointment. 2. Numerous ways to pay. 3. Digital prescription 4. Choose physicians from a list. 5. Consultations through video. 6. Administrate access. 7. Current status of reservations. 8. Reviews and ratings. 9. 24-hour client service. **HOW TO DEVELOP A PRACTO CLONE APP** A Practo clone app provides easy customization of solutions with all essential features. Practo clone allows you to create solid solutions that exceed customer expectations and are easily customized. **HOW DOES THE PRACTO CLONE APP FUNCTION?** 1. Registering for online healthcare is required. 2. Users can look up nearby doctors, clinics, and hospitals. 3. Patients may learn about the specialties, availability, and location of doctors. 4. The patient identifies their symptoms. 5. Practo clone app administrator will notify the relevant professional after submitting the appointment request. 6. Physicians provide digital prescriptions and diagnose patients. **REVENUE MODEL FOR PRACTO CLONE APP DEVELOPMENT** For premium listings, the practo clone app charges physicians a monthly fee. Online doctor consultations are available without restriction through a patient subscription-based healthcare service. Due to practo clone's partnership with pharmacies, the company receives compensation for scheduling visits and delivering medicines. The creation of a practo clone app will aid the healthcare services that are suffering as a result of the pandemic. If you want to develop a practo clone application for your business, get in touch with AppsRhino today!

## **WHAT IS A PRACTO CLONE APP?** Online medical appointment scheduling is made possible by the exclusive on-demand application Practo Clone. It serves as a bridge to swiftly pair patients with trained doctors, enabling them to communicate successfully. This virtual assistant ensures that all of the needs of the patients and physicians are fulfilled. But you may ask, isn't developing an app from scratch too onerous for budding entrepreneurs? The answer to this question is "yes." Developing an application is challenging, even for the most skilled developers. This is why your best option for a stress-free development process is a pre-made Practo clone. You don't need to be tech savvy because it comes with a complete source code. This encourages business owners to use the practo clone script to enter the online market. People can get immediate medical care with the on-demand Practo Clone app. The users can successfully schedule a doctor's appointment or request assistance in a virtual meeting. The doctors then provide comprehensive patient data and a digital prescription for future use. Connecting with the doctor online is made possible by a secure and integrated platform. As more and more users join the platform daily, the number of registered users has almost doubled since the global pandemic. The best experience you could provide for your customers would be to bring the medication to the patient's residence. With this pre-made solution, you can quickly construct the Practo Clone app! ## **9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD DEVELOP A PRACTO CLONE** People stranded in remote locations or patients who cannot physically visit their doctors could readily take advantage of this virtual healthcare assistant. As a result, everyone may consult a doctor thanks to the practo clone app. Here are some of the Practo clone app's standout features: ### **Book an appointment:** After selecting the ideal practitioner, the user can request an appointment and await a response. They can book a reservation when the request is approved. ### **Multiple payment options:** Integration of several payment gateways to accept a variety of payment options. This can assist consumers in selecting an easy payment method and completing transactions quickly. ### **E-prescription:** The doctors provide the recommended medications through the app following a virtual consultation and diagnosis. The prescription is available for download at any moment by the user. ### **Browse preferred doctors:** To receive consultations right away, a patient can browse for a doctor based on geography, specialty, and available time. ### **Video consultations:** The patients and physicians can see one another using this video call option. Doctors can quickly learn about a patient's concerns. ### **Control accessibility:** The option to manage availability allows the doctor to change their availability by schedule. ### **Real-time booking status:** When a patient schedules a visit with a doctor, it is convenient that the patient is immediately informed of the booking's current status. ### **Ratings and reviews:** After each consultation, the doctors and patients can correspondingly provide ratings and reviews for each other. Ratings and reviews are important for the patient to know about. ### **24/7 customer care:** Customers will have access to customer service around-the-clock, so they can quickly solve their issues. ## **HOW TO DEVELOP A PRACTO CLONE APP** With the Practo clone script, creating an on-demand healthcare app is simple. The Practo clone app is pre-built with all the essential features and functions and provides fully customized solutions for the users. One may easily personalize the practo clone app and implement a solid solution that satisfies or even exceeds customer expectations. The practo clone app development software has not only a vast range of scalability but also the presence of the clone script can assist even the technophobes in creating a unique healthcare app like the practo clone! ## **HOW DOES THE PRACTO CLONE APP FUNCTION?** 1. The online healthcare system requires patients to register. They may create a profile by supplying their email address, phone number, etc. 2. Users may look up doctors, clinics, and hospitals near them by entering their current location. 3. Practo clone members need to access the dashboard, where they can choose a doctor according to their concerns, such as dermatologists, general practitioners, gynecologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, surgeons, urologists, etc. 4. Patients may look for information about the doctor's availability, training, location, past employment, reviews, and total cost. 5. After that, users must enter details about their symptoms, such as depression, an erratic heartbeat, a severe headache, a high body temperature, itchy skin, etc. 6. They may filter physicians based on gender, fees, and consultation type. 7. After submitting the appointment request, the Practo clone app administrator will inform the concerned professional. 8. The physician will accommodate the patient's desire, help them with their issues, and offer a diagnosis. Along with some therapeutic suggestions, they will also provide a digital prescription. ## **REVENUE MODEL FOR PRACTO CLONE APP DEVELOPMENT** There is no doubt that we live in challenging times at the moment. A few verticals tend to outgrow among all the enterprises experiencing a decline in revenue. The internet healthcare sector is undoubtedly one of them. IN 2021, the size of the worldwide market was USD 270.3 billion. The market segment for telehealth will have the most growth, growing at a CAGR of 23.6 percent throughout the projection period. Nevertheless, online consultations for on-demand healthcare applications have increased by an average of 16% weekly, according to recent surveys. Therefore, using a Practo clone to get your healthcare firm online is wise. The On-demand Practo clone app allows doctors to practice medicine and interact with numerous patients throughout the years. A practo clone software may make money in several different ways. Here are some of them: 1. Doctors must pay a monthly fee for the premium listings that the practo clone app sells. 2. The yearly subscription-based healthcare service for patients offers an infinite number of online doctor consultations. 3. As a result of the collaboration of the practo clone app with pharmacies, the firm is compensated with commissions for booking appointments and delivering prescriptions to patients. 4. By selling medicines to chemists, patients, and pharmacy stores. ## **CONCLUSION** With the pandemic straining healthcare services, developing a practo clone app, a virtual doctor-patient consulting app, will be a blessing. Patients may consult doctors using the practo clone app from the convenience of their own homes. With its round-the-clock services, user-friendly features, and flawless operation, this quick, easy, and efficient software will be a boon to many. And your Practo Clone app could immediately make your enterprise famous in the on-demand healthcare sector by providing your consumers with the most excellent remote healthcare services. Contact [appsrhino](https://www.appsrhino.com) the market-leading platform for on-demand app developers collaborating with clients to support their aspirations, if you want to have a Pharma app similar to Practo or a Practo clone made for your company. Upgrade your on-demand medical consultation company by making your practo clone right away!