Things you should know before using Walmart's grocery app

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Since its inception, Walmart has forever changed the way Americans buy their food and groceries today. In less than 30 years, the customers have shifted from visiting farm stalls, retailers, and now from grocery stores to online shopping for food and other deliverables.

Walmart’s grocery sales account for more than half of its total annual sales, resulting in a total sale of $200 billion every year. Walmart not only offers low rollback prices but also tempts its customers through Swiffer refills, hanging kits with pictures, firearms, tube socks, printer cartridges, and much more. 

There are a lot of things offered by Walmart’s grocery app but are they all worth the price? Do they sometimes also compromise on the quality and the standards maintained by this giant? To know what are the strengths and shortcomings of Walmart’s grocery delivery app, let’s have a look at the article. 


Walmart is the largest company by revenue in the world. It has always kept pace with the changing nature of consumer preferences as well as growing competition and market dynamics.  Walmart launched its own grocery delivery app for online ordering and delivery, The app has numerous features and offers multiple advantages such as:
  1. Customers can check availability of items before visiting the store
  2. Cashbacks, offers and free deliveries using Walmart’s credit card
  3. Save time using Walmart pay feature for faster transactions
  4. Coupon policy also lets customers shop

There are things customer should know which should not be ordered through the app such as:

  1. Organic milk
  2. Fruits and vegetables in large quantities
  3. Vanilla extracts
  4. Sea food such as shrimp

Features of Walmart’s grocery app


It was not too long back that Walmart came with its own grocery delivery app. The move was aimed at penetrating the online grocery delivery market because of the changing preferences of the customers.Launching the app has proved a masterstroke as it has helped Walmart compete with the growing list of competitors.Following are the steps one needs to take to order groceries using the app and some salient features of the app.

Download Walmart app


There is no better place to find all kinds and types of groceries other than Walmart’s grocery delivery app. The app gives easy and early access to exclusive products and also offers handsome offers and schemes on certain products. The app also gives helpful tips and insights about new offerings and products via its newsletter to your inbox.  

Order your groceries

During COVID-19, Walmart proved very helpful by lettering the consumer's order groceries online without having to step outside their homes. You can make your shopping list using the Walmart grocery site. After finalizing the list, customers can select their time slots that are suitable for them to get the items delivered or get them picked from the store. 

Walmart has its credit card

Walmart does not charge any account fees for its credit card. The card offers cashback offers to its customers and incentivizes them for shopping more. It offers a credit of $25 instantly after shopping for or more than $75. Customers get a 5% cashback on for grocery pickup or delivery. Customers also get a 2% cash back for purchasing gas at Walmart fuel stations. 

Walmart has a coupon policy

Some people shop from Walmart because they love its services while others do it for the sake of shopping and acquiring cheap products from the app. In doing so, Walmart’s coupon policy comes handy and gives offers and discounts to its customers. To maximize one’s savings, the customers use Walmart deals and gift cards to enhance their shopping experience. Walmart offers a wide range of coupons from candy coupons, baby coupons and laundry coupons to much more.

Use ‘Walmart Pay’ for faster transactions

Walmart Pay can be set up with a credit card and Walmart account to make payments faster and save time. This enhances the process of making payment transactions as the customers now only have to swipe the phone at the checkout counter/payment portal to buy their groceries. Apart from quick checkout, Walmart pays racks up saving money in the form of overage coupons or post-purchase price matches which can be used to make payment for further purchases. 

Browse online before going in-store


Walmart lets its customers match the prices of products being offered online and in-store. Packaged foods are often available at lower prices online than the prices at which they are available in stores. helps its customers buy cheaper goods from the comforts of their homes. Customers can match prices online, then pick items up from the store and get them billed at the cash counter at the prices available online. 

Buy Walmart’s ‘great value’ brand

Walmart provides its customers with a wide variety of healthy and nutritious grocery items. Most of these items belong to Walmart’s great value brand which offers cheap and healthy alternatives to its customers. It is affordable, less expensive, and relishing for the customers. 

Reduced prices of old bakery goods

Walmart sells its baked products at a lower price the next day of their production. So it's incentivizing and beneficial for customers as well. Customers can stop by the store early in the morning to check if there’s some stock left from the previous night. 

Grocery items that one should never buy from Walmart app


  • Cheaper organic products can be brought from other online grocery delivery apps than Walmart. 
  • The groceries ordered through Walmart app could be stale by the time they are delivered. So one should refrain from buying large quantities of fruits and vegetables in one go. 
  • Some products are heavily priced which brings customers to a loss and they end up paying way more to buy the product. 
  • Organic milk at Walmart has premium price tags which makes it more expensive than the organic milk available elsewhere.
  • Vanilla extracts are very heavily priced at Walmart.
  • The Big Burly Breakfast sandwich at Walmart is not a healthy option to start your day with. It gives your body more saturated fat per day than what the FDA recommends.
  • Walmart’s cheap, imported, farmed shrimp comes at a price as it does not factor in the human and environmental costs. 
  • Walmart’s great value brand of snacks is cheap and pocket-friendly, but dollar shops offer even more tempting options of groceries at a much cheaper price. 


The launch of Walmart Supercenter way back in 1988 has transformed the grocery market forever. It has now paved the way for new online shopping platforms to come up and start their own business and in turn, expand the retail grocery market all around the world. 

With the coming of Walmart, customers are now able to save their time. They do not have to stand in long queues to get their products billed, there is no need to bargain with the vendors and visit crowded spaces to buy groceries. Everything is available at a click. This not only saves time but also other precious resources and money spent on traveling. 

Walmart’s grocery delivery app has also simplified the app’s marketing budget and has made it more efficient and effective. After the Covid-19 outbreak, the practice of social distancing has also given a boost to Walmart’s grocery delivery app. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop your groceries from Walmart today!

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