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Do you want to sell goods on Etsy? Is it worth the risk of opening a shop on Etsy? Do you know what all to sell on Etsy to generate money? If you are looking for answers to these Etsy-related questions, you are at the right place. 

One thing that might surprise you is that people who do not know what Etsy business types to choose, on average, generate $44,000/ year. On the other hand, those who know the Etsy trends and have done their homework can have over $500,000 sales. There is a big difference between these two values, which you can overcome by only learning the top 5 business types to select on Etsy. So, if you are interested in selling goods on Etsy, stick around to know the top 5 Etsy business types that will help you boost your sales.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an American eCommerce marketplace helping people trade handmade & vintage items and craft supplies worldwide. These comprise Jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor, furniture, toys, art, and many more. Etsy views an item as vintage if it is more than twenty years old. With more than 86.53 million active users, it has merchants across 234 countries (Etsy Shop Statistics).

Etsy shop statistics revealed Etsy had a net income worth $349.25 million in 2020. 

Since opening an online shop includes risks of failing, it is necessary to know the top 5 Etsy business types if you have chosen Etsy as your selling platform. But before you do that, let us look at the overview and the working of Etsy.

Etsy Overview

  1. Type: Public
  2. Industry: E-commerce
  3. Established: June 18, 2005
  4. Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
  5. Founders: Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik, Jared Tarbell
  6. CEO: Josh Silverman
  7. Number of employees: 1,400
  8. Net Income: US$349.246 Million

The working of Etsy

Etsy, an eCommerce company, is a marketplace for vendors to sell their products to interested buyers. Etsy as a platform has two major sides:

Seller side: The first side is Sellers, and they are those who want to trade their handmade items or vintage pieces. Etsy benefits such people by introducing them into the market and giving them customers for selling.

Buyer side: The second side is Buyers, and these are the ones who desire to purchase handmade items or vintage pieces not from physical stores but also online. They want to opt for an online store because of time constraints due to a hectic life or inability to travel.

  1. Sellers would need to sign up on Etsy and list their creations to start their online Etsy store.
  2. Buyers search for such items and buy those they like. Dealings take place on the platform.
  3. Buyers can also rate and review the products, based on which Etsy decides the ranking of a seller's online store.

Before we look at the top 5 Etsy shop types, let us read why one should sell goods on Etsy.

Why sell on Etsy?

  1. The annual report of Statista showed Etsy has around 81.9 million and exponentially growing active customers. Over 61 million new and reactivated shoppers are on Etsy, as in 2020. It makes Etsy a recognized and trusted platform.
  2. Etsy is centralized, unlike other platforms where you find competitors who do not belong to your genre. This arrangement gives users a chance to stand out and sell products.
  3. Unlike other platforms, it is easy to configure your shops on Etsy. Users need to type in their active mailing ID and products to list.
  4. Selling on Etsy is easy as the listing fee is 20¢/listings that are valid for four months.
  5. Etsy provides its users with inbuilt traffic. Users need to just niche-up their stores, listing, etc., to do this.

Let us now see the top 5 Etsy business types to aim for, now that you have reasons to continue selling things on Etsy. 

Top 5 business types to Select on Etsy

We list the top 5 Etsy business types below:

Craft & Supplies

One of the top 5 Etsy business types is Craft and supplies; it has the most sales. You can go craft essentials, miniatures, tools for Jewelry, beads, and much more.

The best things you can sell in this Etsy business type are:

  1. Stickers.
  2. Antique Charms &
  3. Hooks, Claws, and Beads

The top sellers in the category "Craft and supplies" with their total sales are as follows:

  1. PlannerKatel: 1830339
  2. Beadboat: 1427410
  3. Yakutum: 959867


Stickers are one of the top-selling items on the Etsy platform. A report of Make For Business showed that over 80% of Etsy shoppers and sellers are female. It makes it obvious why stickers are in high demand.

Custom-made or handmade stickers give a vibe of uniqueness and personal touch that attracts buyers into buying stickers.

A few of the top sticker sellers on Etsy are-

  1. PlannerKate1
  2. Nicoledebruin
  3. Yakutum

Charms/Beads/Hooks and Craft Supplies

Etsy is also famous for supplying you with antique charms, beads, and all types of small tools and essentials that one needs in arts, crafts, knitting, and Jewelry.

A few of the top Etsy sellers in this category are:

  1. Clbeads
  2. Beadboat1
  3. Yadanabeads and more

Handmade Items

Custom-made & Hand-made products get another level of prestige from the Etsy logo itself. Buyers feel connected to hand-crafted and customized products. 

The top handmade items available on Etsy are Handmade Stickers, Metal jewelry, pendants, and paper designs.

The top sellers selling hand-crafted items with their total sales on Etsy are

  1. PlannerKate1: 1830339
  2. ModParty: 1250705
  3. CaitlynMinimalist: 1526659

and many more


Another Etsy business type that guarantees you success is Jewelry.

Most of the jewelry options that one finds on Etsy are self-designed and mostly customized. The minimalistic designs show the vibe of Straight out of a fairytale. Besides it, customers feel drawn to the conversational yet easy product descriptions. 

The top Etsy jewelry sellers with their total sales in the category Jewelry are:

  1. CaitlynMinimalist: 1526659
  2. MignonandMignon: 599951
  3. GLDNxLayeredAndLong: 540477

Wedding Items

Etsy covers wedding invitations, dresses, and decorations for the big day. The best-selling items include Bridesmaid gowns, Bachelorette shirts, Handmade Invitations, Jewelry items, and much more.

Top Etsy shops for this business type with their total sales are:

  1. ModParty:1250705
  2. EverlyGrayce: 375325
  3. UnMesauredEvent: 200425


The next on the top 5 Etsy business types list is Accessories. While on Etsy, you cannot overlook the Plaid scarves, Trendy Caps and Hats, and everything else to wrap around.

Sellers globally are selling Cute child bows, bands, Pins, Cufflinks, Crowns, and Crochet that are too tempting to ignore.

The top Etsy accessory sellers with their total sales are as follows:

  1. ThinkPinkBows: 658920
  2. Candle Cooper: 311869
  3. BeanForest: 136140

Other Etsy business types that work wonders are:


The typographic clothing items, Custom styled dresses, and Trendy shorts always catch the eyes of buyers. Etsy allows users to select items from thousands of options from Women's wear, Menswear, and kidswear. 

A few of the successful Clothing shops on Etsy with their total sales are: 

  1. Zoeysattic: 337614
  2. Up2ournecksinfabric: 330504
  3. LilMeStore: 327552 

Vintage Products

Etsy is one of the few marketplaces that offer to shop vintage products. Your useless articles might be collectible for someone in some other part of the globe.

Some famous Etsy shops dealing in Vintage products with their total sales are:

  1. WhoKnowsWhat: 248971
  2. ReductionNation: 179708
  3. SunshineButtercup: 101079

Art & Collectibles

Etsy offers Digital prints, Paintings, Drawings, Illustrations, etc., to the people who love art.

Some of the successful Etsy Art & Collectibles shops with their total sales are:

  1. LouMarksPhoto: 404813
  2. KatherineDream: 242841
  3. GreatLakesDigitals: 147411


One should pay heed to the trending Etsy Business types to make it big on the platform. Here we listed the top 5 Etsy business types and a few Etsy shop types that you should select on Etsy. If you need help setting up your shop on Etsy, contact AppsRhino.

AppsRhino is a mobile app development company that powers on-demand mobile apps and business apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

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