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Are you a new seller on Etsy and need some tips on Etsy product ranking? Are you old on Etsy and still do not have good visibility? Do you find it hard to get noticed by buyers? 

If yes, you are at the right place. Here we will tell you how to rank products on Etsy search and boost your sales.

Earlier, it was simple to increase your Etsy product ranking. All you had to do was fill in a few crucial areas in listing forms. At that time, it was even easy to measure your SEO success on Etsy. But now, with the changed algorithm, it has become different, and sellers on Etsy need to optimize their stores accordingly.

If you want to up your Etsy Product Ranking on Etsy search results, stick around.

How does SEO for Etsy sellers work?

Whenever a consumer runs a search, the Etsy algorithm does two things to determine the results that shoppers see. 

Query matching

Etsy first conducts a query search in which it runs through listings and collects the ones that match the customer search query.

 For this, Etsy examines the following:

  1. Titles
  2. Tags
  3. Categories
  4. Attributes 


After Etsy selects the things to show the buyer, it ranks all the matched listings based on the likelihood of each buyer to purchase the items.

In this phase, Etsy considers the following ranking factors:

Relevance of the listing

Etsy examines the title, tags, categories, and attributes of a listing and uses it to decide how aligned they are with the shopper search. 

If Etsy finds it relevant to the search, your product ranks well on the Etsy search results.

Quality of the listing

Etsy considers conversions of a listing to decide a metric called the listing quality score. Items with a high conversion rate enjoy a high rank also.

Age of the listing

Newer listings enjoy a slight temporary boost in their rankings which lasts a few hours or days, depending on the product search volume.

It lets Etsy understand how buyers interact with each listing and influences its listing quality score. 

Customer and market experience

Etsy wants consumers to have a smooth browsing and purchasing experience; it does this by using a sellers' customer service history and the content of your shop; it includes its About page, store policies, ratings, and reviews. 

Etsy uses it to rank products; if the experience users get is high, the seller's products get a high rank on Etsy search.

Shipping costs 

Shipping price matters a lot to buyers and therefore influences Etsy. Etsy conducted a study and found out that customers are 50% less likely to buy an item if they thought the shipping price to be higher than what they usually see.

As a result, Etsy gives a higher rank to products with less or free shipping.

Etsy shop location

Etsy considers your location to rank your products if your country is the EU, Australia, or Canada. 

They also give local shops a slight advantage on Etsy search; it gives them a high rank. If searches are from outside these countries, the location does not matter.

Language and translations

You should add custom translations to your listings if you have international buyers. 

Though Etsy automatically translates listings to match each shopper's query and language settings, manually translating your content will help it beat listings that get automatically translated. The reason behind it is that manual translations sound more natural.

Context-Specific Rankings (CSR)

Etsy considers a buyer's browsing history, products they clicked on, and the things they bought earlier to rank products. 

For it, Etsy uses a technology called Context-Specific Ranking. If your product matches buyers buying history, your product will enjoy a hood rank on Etsy search.

How To Optimize Each Listing

Tag and title

You should pay attention to your product descriptions before getting them listed. All the titles, tags, attributes, and descriptions should be accurate. 

You can take care of these things by doing the following:

  1. Make sure your product title is search-friendly. It would help if you created titles based on similar products by other sellers.
  2. You need to include other relevant keywords and long-tail query terms in the tags and the product description. Etsy lets sellers use 13 keywords, and you need to use them wisely.
  3. Your keywords should appear early in your title. Though the character limit is 140, the Etsy search shows the first 55 characters. When you take care of your tiles, your products get a chance to rank well on the Etsy search.
  4. It would be best to choose wisely for the tags since the Etsy search engine also considers them. The search term should hold commercial and intentional relevance.

Attribute Relevance

You should first choose a category and then the sub-category because it helps you define the attributes to use, like color, size, and many more. The aim is to maximize the brand exposure of your products in the Etsy search results.

You should add specific information about the product to ensure your product gets displayed to the right buyers.

Quality of Product Listing

Etsy gives preference to products that get more clicks, get added to the favorite list more times, and have high conversion rates. It makes it necessary that you provide high product quality to your customers. 

You can take care of it by doing the followings things:

  1.  You need to ensure that buyers get on par experience while using your product.
  2.  Also, you should have positive reviews on your product pages as they provide you an edge over your competitors.
  3.  The About Us section of your shop and your policy must be clear. Even it ensures placement in the Etsy search results.
  4.  Your prices should neither be too low nor very high. Sellers can even add the production partners and connect them with product listings at Etsy Marketplace.

Regular Updates

You should regularly update the product details, title, and tags to increase your Etsy product ranks. Also, keep the content fresh and up-to-date.

Shop location

As said before, your shop location also plays a role in boosting your rank on Etsy search. The motive behind this is to ensure a faster delivery to online customers. The third-party agents do not have any control over it.

Artificial Intelligence

Etsy's search system now attempts to highlight results most relevant to the specific buyer based on some factors. These factors might be the time of day, preferences, and others. Though it helps buyers, for the vendors, it's a hurdle because they will no longer see the same results every time they type in a search. 

You can take care of it by:

Etsy Rank

It is a free rank checker and even allows filtering out bulk reports. It searches Etsy for your items and filters out personalization results. 

Etsy Stats

Etsy sellers can use the Search Terms section to see which keywords customers use to find your items.

Listing Language

All the listing information of the product needs to be in the Etsy Marketplace language only; otherwise, it will never help to bring up your items.

Relevant linking

Links play a crucial role in higher search engine ranking. It is a great idea to link your shop page with the product and policies listed at the Etsy Marketplace. The shop page information should include the following information:

  1. Shop Name
  2. Shop Description
  3. Sales Count
  4. Start Date


These are ways to rank your product on Etsy search to boost your sales. When you take care of these things and research accordingly, you drive more traffic to your Etsy store, leading to more purchases and higher revenue. 

So go ahead and become a leading seller on Etsy!

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