Why Offshore Development Centre is important for USA based companies

Updated On: May 3, 2023

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Do you know how you can get your hands on the best talent around the globe? Did you know it was possible to select a team of engineers from any country? Do you know that you can be as picky as you want to be while choosing your team members for your dream project? Do you know you could do this at affordable prices and get a highly reliable team to work on your project?

Do you want to know how you can do it? The straightforward answer is, with the help of an offshore development center! An offshore development center is a company based in another country that helps you finish your project with optimum results. 

Today, several organizations go for an offshore software development center to get highly skilled developers they could not find locally. For instance, organizations opt for an Indian offshore development center for Information Technology and software development purposes. And offshore development centers in the Philippines are known for providing customer services and back office. If you are a USA-based company and are confused about going for an offshore software development center, read the blog to know why an offshore development center is essential for you!

What is an Offshore Development Centre?

Before discussing why US-based companies need offshore development centers, let us learn what an offshore development center means. 

An offshore software development center is a software development business situated in another country. Although these centers are based outside the country where you work, they deliver services to your organization. 

Thus, an organization goes for an offshore development center or a third-party software company to execute and complete tasks in its projects.Now let us read what an offshore development center team includes.

What can an offshore software development center team include?

An offshore development center can include various specialists a software project requires. These specialists have, but are not limited to, the following people:

  1. Project Managers
  2. Software Engineers
  3. Copywriters
  4. Web Designers
  5. Technical and customer support specialists
  6. Quality Assurance engineers

Generally, an offshore development center works as an organization’s branch in another country. Thus, it performs other activities also, such as Human Resource Management, taxing, accounting, etc.

Who requires an offshore development center?

Various types of Technology companies can benefit from offshore development centers according to their needs. These companies are as follows:

  1. IoT
  2. Fintech companies
  3. Data providers
  4. Software companies
  5. IT service companies
  6. Cloud services
  7. Telecoms
  8. Ecommerce companies

Several organizations require engineers with different skills to create certain types of revolutionary technology. For instance, renowned startups such as Grammarly, People.ai, etc., depending on software professionals in Ukraine. 

In a way, companies that are not availing themselves of offshore development centers are missing out on the best talent pool in the world.

Let us now see why an organization might require an offshore development company!

Why does an organization need an offshore development center for its business?

Here we explain two scenarios when companies need to go for an offshore software development center.

Let us talk about the first scenario. Suppose you have two or three projects at a given time. Out of these three projects, the first project needs to be rolled out in two months, making it your top priority. However, you realized later that you need some developers possessing a few skills that your in-house team does have. Now arise two possible events. The first event witnesses you starting a recruitment process, hiring new employees, and training them before they can deliver.

The second event can be where you go to an offshore development center and snag developers, designers, testers, etc., for your project. This way, you can focus on its launch and marketing strategies while your offshore team focuses on your project’s development.

The second scenario why a company might need to go for an offshore development center is when a firm wants a quality product but does not desire to spend much at the same time. One of the reasons why startups go for Offshore development is due to low budgets. 

Another reason offshore software developments are famous with startups is that they can scale up or down their team of developers whenever they want.

Let us now read why an offshore development center is essential for USA-based companies.

Why is an Offshore Development Centre Important For USA-based Companies?

The following points explain why it is beneficial for US-based companies to go for Offshore Development Centers.

Save On Hiring & Operation Costs

The first reason US-based companies must hire an offshore development center is the affordable costs of hiring and operations. Companies can employ competent developers at affordable prices without compromising your engineers’ talent, skills, and experience.  

The reason is that the cost of living in some countries is lower than in the United States of America. And this fact lets you spend less on your developers’ salaries. 

Also, since your offshore development team works from a different company, you will not need to spend money on the following things:

  1. Employee perks
  2. Seat costs
  3. Insurance
  4. Attrition
  5. Miscellaneous 

Curate the Best Talent

The following reason why an offshore development center is the best for US-based companies is that they can be as selective as they want while selecting members to be on their teams. However, such a facility is absent when hiring in-house team members. 

Also, there are instances where full-time employees lose their relevance after a certain period.

Thus, you should hire offshore development teams if you want to be uber-picky while procuring members on short-term contracts.

Enjoy Efficient Communication

Communication gets more project-focused and task-oriented when working with an offshore development center. The USA-based companies can interact with their remote team members with the help of numerous tools such as:

  1. Skype
  2. Google Meet
  3. Zoom

Communicating via these tools leads you and your team members to arrive at a shared understanding of what needs to be done. Besides understanding the project better, you can also convey feedback via such tools regarding your project.

Access Overseas Market

Overseas Market access is the third reason US-based companies should go for an offshore software development center. Working with remote teams helps you increase your brand reputation and use ample new opportunities. 

Also, an offshore development company introduces your services/ products/ apps, etc., to new markets in different countries and grows your sales by leaps and bounds. They can increase your sales because these companies understand the customer need of your audience present in their country. 

Thus, working with these companies helps you become closer to a new market, letting you understand your new customers’ needs.

Round-the-clock Availability

Working with an offshore development center means you have an increase in flexibility. This increased flexibility encourages employees to be more productive since punch-out timing and other things are now absent.  It means your organization will always have a person available 24/7 during the following development stages:

  1. Product launch
  2. Testing
  3. Quality analysis

Thus, a USA-based company will benefit from an offshore development company as it will have someone available for project-related queries anytime and anywhere.

Greater Engagement

USA-based companies or, in general, any company will benefit from an offshore development center as remote teams are more reliable and invest a lot in their clients’ visions. 

Their utmost dedication is because their reputation and income depend on how well they perform and the quality of the work they have done so far. Also, working with a proficient remote team increases your organization’s productivity by at least thirteen percent.

Expand Your Development Capabilities

Hiring offshore development centers is an excellent idea as these centers help USA-based companies expand their developmental capabilities. Thus, going for a remotely working team gives companies room to experiment with employees possessing different and varied skill sets. 

It helps in focussing on the central part of the business.

Working with an offshore development center gives US-based companies ample opportunities to concentrate and strengthen their core business development processes. For example, a company engaged in the financial sector might find it challenging to acquire an in-house team. Therefore, they can go for offshore development centers and continue focusing on their core business while the remote team works on their solution. 

On-time delivery

The last reason why an offshore software development center is crucial for USA-based companies is that they get their projects done well in time. Offshore development centers carefully carry out all the related tasks, from planning to execution.

Sticking to stringent deadlines lets them finish their work within the stipulated time frame while maintaining high quality. An offshore development center and your in-house team work together to ensure optimal workflow.


Indeed, today the world has become more close-knit than it had ever been. All thanks to the immense advancements in the world of technology and science. 

An organization looking for proficient developers need not fret about the lack of talent pool in their areas as they can obtain them from any nook of the world.

Doing so might have seemed impossible in the past, but today, with the help of an offshore development center, you can solicit developers, designers, testers, etc., from anywhere.

Many organizations, including Grammarly, have opted for offshore development centers to get their hands on the best talent at affordable prices. Also, an offshore development center provides your work in the decided timeframe.

Suppose you were wondering whether going for an offshore development center was worth it or not. In that case, reading this blog might have helped you see why working with an offshore development center is crucial for you when you are a USA-based company. Do you want to make your project successful? Come to AppsRhino to witness what success looks like with us!