5 top skills to look out for while hiring CSS Developers?

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"Websites should look good from the inside and out." as famously quoted by Paul Cookson, a writer and poet. While Back-end developers write codes to run the program from inside, Fron-end Developers are concerned about the view of the website from the user's eyes. CSS Developers have a crucial role in deciding how the website will look after development and implementation. Imagine you are scrolling through the internet after searching for a word. First, you open a website with plain content, unreadable font size and style, no headings, no colors, etc. You close that webpage and open another. This website has a suitable content division, defined headlines, color codes, animations, etc. You are likely to prefer the second website. CSS performs the job of making the user stay on the webpage or website. While an HTML file ensures the content is intact and primary requirements are present, CSS enhances the customer experience. We are here with a blog about the Top CSS Developers' Skills to look for while hiring!

Who are CSS Developers?


Who are CSS Developers?

To understand who CSS Developers are, we shall first know about CSS. CSS is known as Cascading Style Sheets. Imagine creating an HTML Document. You use different HTML features and functions to create a webpage or website for display. Now, think about how the document looks. It has the required information. But does it look attractive? Will you be able to lure users to your website only with HTML? Cascading Style Sheets or CSS helps you add elements to create a webpage with additional characteristics. It serves as a layout provider and saves time for the developer. There are three types of CSS. 

  1. Inline CSS
  2. Internal/ Embedded CSS 
  3. External CSS Let us now know about CSS Developers. 

CSS Developers are Web Programmers and creators that use Cascading Styles Sheets to add flavor to webpages. The job responsibilities of CSS Developers include 

  1. Work with innovators to come up with designs and frameworks for a website.
  2. Write an efficient program to implement the selected framework. 
  3. Add files from the library, and link the CSS file with HTML and JavaScript Documents per necessity. 
  4. Test the CSS code for errors and correct them. 
  5. Understand the user interface and its effect on the mindset of people about the webpage. 

CSS Developers Recruitment Guide- An Introduction


CSS Developers Recruitment Guide- An Introduction

There are several methods to hire CSS Developers. 

  1. You can go for Full-Time or Part-Time Developers 
  2. Check for Freelancer Developers on LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. 
  3. You can Outsource Developers from another company.

CSS is one of the primary skills any developer should have before entering the development career. We here have a CSS Developers Recruitment Guide! The first step in the CSS Developers Recruitment Guide is to find passionate Developers for Front-end Development. They should understand what customers want and work to create attractive web pages. The CSS Developer should be familiar with various CSS features and have the efficient coding capability. You'll be at an advantage if the CSS Developers you hire has experience in Front-end Development. Check for old projects and find the qualities of the developer while taking interviews. Find the strengths and weaknesses of your potential CSS Candidates and evaluate them for the job.

 Interview Questions for programmers in the CSS Developers Recruitment Guide

 Here is a list of the Interview Questions to ask potential candidates for hiring CSS Developers.

  1. Tell me something about Inline CSS.
  2. What do you understand by property in CSS? 
  3. How to link an external CSS document to HTML File? 
  4. What is the Float property in CSS? 
  5. Explain Nesting in CSS. 
  6. Tell me something about Hexadecimal color codes. 
  7. Explain all media types in CSS.
  8. What are Pseudo-elements in CSS? 
  9. What are ID Selector and Class selectors in CSS? 
  10. Define tags in CSS. 

Top CSS Developers Skills you should know


Top CSS Developers Skills you should know

Looking for the required skills in your candidates is part of the CSS Developers Recruitment Guide. Now, look at the skills your candidate should have! 

Perfection in HTML/XML

You might wonder why you should look for HTML skills in CSS Developers. We have an answer for you. Although CSS is independent of HTML or XML and can be used with either, CSS Developers should understand and have enough practice to create basic projects. CSS Developers cannot have their way with CSS if they lack efficiency in HTML or XML. You should ask your candidates if they practiced HTML before learning CSS or have learned CSS along with HTML. You may also confirm if they have required practice in both Front-end Development languages. 

Custom Properties in CSS

Custom Properties are also called Cascading variables. Imagine that you have to use a function multiple times for the same project. Instead of writing the program numerous times, you can create a variable. Now, you can access the function of the code by using var() and utilize it as often as your program requires. You can apply CSS Properties to 

1. Same feature for different classes 

2. Inheritance (with no set value) 

3. Define fallback values The CSS Developers will have to use variables many times. Therefore, they should know how to use Custom Properties correctly. 

CSS Frameworks

You can define CSS Frameworks as the library in CSS to make the developer's job effortless! The programmers don't have to start every project from scratch. They can use the CSS Framework and add programs as per need. Here's a list of the best framework for CSS Developers 

  1. Tailwind CSS
  2. Bulma
  3. Foundation
  4. Bootstrap
  5. Skeleton Top CSS Developers' Skills include knowledge of the CSS framework. 

Ask questions about the CSS Framework to your candidates. You can create an assignment to evaluate skills based on the CSS Framework your project can work the best with. Ask questions to the candidates like 

  1. Name some CSS Frameworks
  2. What do you find the most beneficial about the CSS Framework? 
  3. Which CSS Framework would you prefer? 

Innovative mind and ability to create responsive designs

As a user, you can view web pages on various devices. You look at websites from your phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc. The webpage adjusts the view per the device. This feature is Responsive Design in CSS. Imagine if you get the same view on your phone as the laptop. Won't you face difficulty reading text and want to close the screen? If you are a CSS Developer, you interact directly with the users. You reach out to them with your content and design on the page. Therefore, the CSS Developers you hire shall apprehend the Responsive designs and understand the user interface and its effects. 

Animations in CSS

Developers can change the style from one form to another using CSS Animations. Style, feature, properties, and specifications are up for change multiple times per the programmer's wish! CSS Animations help create attractive web pages that ensure users' interest and allow them to stay on the webpage for long! Suppose your CSS Developers know how to have their way around Aminations in CSS. In that case, they have the advantage of bringing more viewers and can be perfect for the role in your project! 

Some Additional Skills in the CSS Developers Recruitment Guide

  1. Selectors in CSS 
  2. Units and Values in CSS 
  3. Display and Layout knowledge in CSS
  4. CSS Preprocessor
  5. Quality Assurance Testing
  6. Git and Github (Version Control)

Final Words

 We hope the blog provided the answers you were looking for while hiring CSS Developers. According to a study by Harvard University, Stanford Research Center, and the Carnegie Foundation, one can determine job success by soft skills. (85%) Companies value hard skills (Technical Skills) by 15%. Therefore, you shall hire candidates after thoroughly examining their hard skills and soft skills. Some must-have soft skills are 

  1. Communication 
  2. Conflict Management 
  3. Listening Skills 
  4. Resilience (Ability to cope with stress) Your employees shall understand they will work as part of a team. 

They should value hard work and find smart solutions. Hiring CSS Developers is not an easy job. You'll have to go through the screening process and evaluate candidates. Your team will first scan resumes, select candidates, conduct interviews, and start onboarding with each candidate. The above procedure consumes the time of your company and delays the project. If you want to hire developers in minimum time and ensure maximum skills, outsourcing developers from another company is your solution! If you are looking for CSS Developers, contact AppsRhino! We have the best team of Developers for any application/website building process. You can examine and negotiate with Developers per requirement!!

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