Which is the best grocery delivery app in the USA?

Updated On: March 2, 2023

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When was the last time you went driving to a grocery store and wandered through its aisles? It seems like grocery stores are becoming a redundant idea and are being replaced by their online versions. Online stores are super easy to access, save time and resources and allow customers to order products from the comforts of their homes.

Grocery delivery is emerging as a new field for future investments as a 'digital first' mindset is stepping in, and the retailers are looking for more beneficial and profit-oriented options. It's no surprise that the coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed how we shop and buy our groceries. The grocery delivery apps saw an uptick in the number of downloads in March 2020.

Among the tug of war between grocery delivery apps during the pandemic, Walmart defeated Amazon. It became the World's No. 1 grocery delivery app. It has recreated a shopping experience for its customers, which delivers unparalleled value for products at every step of the order placing procedure. Walmart's grocery delivery services are continuously on the rise and have seen a boom in their sales.


It is no surprise that the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way we used to buy our groceries. Everything has shifted online and the grocery stores are slowly being replaced by their evolved online versions which are attracting a large number of customers under their fold. One such grocery store which has emerged as the ‘best grocery delivery app in the USA’ is the Walmart on-demand grocery delivery app. It has a set of certain unique features which have made it popular among people.

What is the Walmart grocery delivery app?

 Walmart app is an online, on-demand grocery delivery service system that allows its customers to sit in the comforts of their homes and order deliveries online. It has done away with the struggle to go to stores, stand in long queues, and surf through the entire store to get the products of one's choice. 

The customers can go through the products and place their orders. Once the order is placed, a store associate comes to pick up the order and further contacts the third party to get the order delivered according to the time slot selected by the customer. 

Features of Walmart grocery delivery app

  1. We do not ask for any tips, nor do we charge any per-order charges.
  2. Customers will never have to wait for delivery again.
  3. Customers can save time shopping.
  4. We offer membership so that customers can save with Walmart + benefits.
  5. Walmart has made more personalized and informed substitutions for its customers. 
  6. Customers can easily get the products substituted if they are not satisfied with the quality or otherwise.
  7. Walmart has put in place learning algorithms wherein customers' complaints, queries, and recommendations are put together to improve service accuracy.

What is Walmart +

  1. Walmart + is a low-cost alternative to Amazon Prime.
  2. It allows free shipping with no minimum orders to the customers.
  3. Customers can get faster get-outs using the 'scan and go' option. 

How to get groceries delivered from Walmart?

Create a Walmart account

To know if the Walmart grocery delivery app is available in your area or not, sign in to your account or create a new account in the Walmart app. The app will ask for your name, phone number, email address, and payment and delivery address. Once these details are filled in, the app seeks your permission regarding certain terms and conditions, and then it is done. Your account is created, and you're all set to use the app now!

Choose delivery and time slot option

Once you have successfully logged into the app, the app sets a default address for your account. To make orders, you can change the location according to your choice and see if the app delivers at your address or not. If the delivery is available at your provided address, it will appear in green with a truck icon below it. Once the address is confirmed, you can also add your preferred date and time of delivery when you want your groceries to arrive. 

To make amends in the location, click on 'Pick up from' box→ 'change' option→ 'delivery' option in the dialog box→ 'add a new address.' Now enter your delivery address and any other details you want to convey to the driver when they deliver your order at your address. 

Go shopping 

Now you can smoothly browse through the products available on the app. The products are neatly classified under categories. You can search for anything you need by scrolling through the products or simply typing it out in the search bar. To know about the delivery and pickup process, you can click on the option in the menu bar and see all the available options. 

As you browse through the products, you can save your favorites by clicking on the heart icon below the product. This adds the product to your wishlist, and you can go back to it again while putting the final items in your cart. You can also remove certain items from the cart by clicking on the remove option if you do not wish to buy them. 

Place your order

Once you've finalized the list and selected all the items you want, click on the 'check out' option. The platform will take you to a payment gateway where you will be asked to select a payment method of your choice. Once you fill in all the details, click on the 'continue to check out button to finalize your order. 

Then confirm your delivery address by selecting the address mentioned on the top of the page and adding special notes if you want to. This is the page where you can apply promo codes, if any, review your order, and make final changes in the order you wish to place. You can also add your mobile number to update your order status. Once you are finished reviewing the order, click on 'Place order' and receive a confirmation email.

Receive your groceries

The communication preference you filled in while placing your order will help you keep track of the order. The app will send regular updates via messages or email. The updates will also keep you informed about your order confirmation, out-of-stock products, substitutions, delivery tracking, and final receipt of products. The groceries will be delivered to your address at the date and time you mentioned while placing the order. 

Is the Walmart app safe?

One of the major concerns that customers have nowadays using online apps is the safety of their data and transactions. 

When it comes to Walmart’s grocery delivery app, customers can be rest assured of the data security and transaction safety. Walmart is not only the leading company when it comes to conducting business but also when it comes to using the technology to conduct business. Their app uses the latest technologies and ensures complete safety for customer data.

Why is Walmart the best grocery delivery app in the USA?

Item pricing

Walmart has an excellent pricing policy that offers lower prices to its customers. There are different prices for different days. The prices may differ for the same product from the day you order your product to the day it gets packed. The product substitutes also feature lower prices which gives a greater variety to customers. 

Substitution Policy

This policy allows customers to select from a range of substitute products for the same item and get a better or equivalent product at a lower price. Walmart has variants of several products priced differently. Customers have the freedom and advantage to choose from these substitute products and save money as they are usually pocket-friendly.


Walmart also helps its customers by saving their time. It automatically orders products for them. Walmart also allows customers to place their order from any device and enjoy their products delivered at their doorstep. The app updates its customers, and users do not have to worry about anything. They get everything delivered without them leaving their homes. 

Same day delivery 

Walmart's express delivery system helps the customers get their products delivered within hours on the same day. Customers can also schedule their orders in advance and deliver them whenever they wish to. The app has also made deliveries hassle-free and extremely simple for customers.


Ordering groceries online is a super easy and super convenient way to get whatever you want just by sitting on your sofa and ordering things with the click of a button. It also helps you compare various available products in the market, see through their prices, and weigh their substitutes. Online ordering also avoids instances of impulse shopping. It is emerging as a solution to most of our problems related to grocery shopping. It is a step towards making our lives easier and more comfortable. 

To enjoy the benefits of the grocery delivery app, go check out more about it on the website and find out for yourself how it reached the number 1 position in the online delivery business.

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