Grocery Delivery App Development: Trends, Facts, and Stats 2022

Updated On: May 2, 2023

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How often do we buy groceries for our homes? Once a week? Once in fifteen days, maybe? We admit that Grocery is an essential set of necessities!

But do we have time to buy bread, milk, yogurt, and meat every weekend? Most of us work 8 to 9 hours a day. After giving time to work, we focus on our health, family, meals, exercise, sleep, etc. Till the last few years, we used to visit the grocery store, take out our Grocery list, check that list with every item we add to the basket, stand in lines, and pay for the products we wanted. 

Some of us may love those two-hour visits to the Grocery Store nearby and may still want to do it. But with the lack of time and never-ending schedules, we have to improvise!

Therefore, companies introduced Grocery Delivery Apps! Check out this article to understand everything about Grocery Delivery Apps. Follow the Grocery Delivery Apps trends, updates, and facts. Moreover, get to know about the Statistics of Grocery Delivery Apps!

What are Grocery Delivery Apps?

Let's understand the meaning of Grocery Delivery Apps. As a customer who wants to buy groceries for your home, you don't have to go to the Grocery Store or market. 

Instead, pick up your phone/laptop/tablet, open a Grocery Delivery App, search for the items you require, add them to the cart, and order them immediately!

One of the primary benefits you get after Grocery Delivery App Development is your groceries are one click away, and you can order from anywhere. Moreover, you will get the products at your doorstep per your schedule. 

Statistics of Grocery Delivery Apps

Here is a list of some Statistics on Grocery Delivery Apps. 

To get the best output from Statistics and facts, we should understand the importance of statistical dataStatistics of Grocery Delivery Apps will help us understand the present and future of these Apps in the market.

Additionally, you can calculate probabilities and record downfall or progress with the help of statistics of Grocery Delivery Apps. 

App Download Reports by Statista

According to a report by Statista, a higher number of customers downloaded Grocery Delivery Apps in 2020. 

Moreover, the rate of the same has been increasing since then. 

DoorDash experienced a maximum number of downloads, with 39,000 million people using this Grocery Delivery App. Uber Eats followed this download and usage rate. (20,000 millions)Grubhub, Instacart, Postmates, and others further follow the above apps on the internet. 

Statistics of Grocery Delivery Apps after Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic was very stressful for every individual.  Authorities confirmed the risk of stepping out of the house and interacting with other people. 

During such disheartening times, more people started downloading Grocery Delivery Apps.

According to icoderzsolutions, Instacart faced a 218% increase in downloads on PlayStore and App Store. 

Plus, we all know about Walmart. Do you know that Walmart has Grocery Delivery App Development? During the pandemic, Walmart Delivery had a 160% improvement in their download rates. 

Development in the Grocery Delivery Apps Business

According to a study by Business Wire, there will be growth in the Grocery Delivery App Development between 2021 and 2024. 

The estimated value of the Grocery Delivery industry will be $630 million.

Many statistical companies and websites have predicted growth in Grocery Delivery Apps Development. There has been valuable evolution in the Grocery Delivery App Trends, and people are finding their lives more manageable with the same!

Ratings of trending Grocery Apps

You can determine the approximate Statistics of Grocery Delivery Apps with the help of Ratings and Reviews. Here is a list of the best Grocery Delivery Apps in the market today with their ratings on PlayStore and AppStore. 


PlayStore: 4.1

App Store: 4.8


PlayStore: 4.4

App Store: 4.8

Walmart Grocery

PlayStore: 4.7

App Store: 4.8


PlayStore: 4.6

App Store: 4.9

Grocery Delivery Apps Facts you should know about!

Do you want to know some interesting facts about Grocery shopping and everyday customers? 

Here is a list of Grocery Delivery App Trends and Facts that will make your day! These facts will help you realize why Online shopping for groceries is better than offline shopping!

Shopping Time!

According to Credit Donkey, an average person spends 41 minutes Grocery Shopping after visiting a store. This time includes browsing products, going through price tags, and roaming in the grocery store space. 

Hence, we spend approximately 53 hours of our year shopping for groceries!

What if we could utilize the same time for something else?

If you are using Grocery Delivery Apps for shopping, you will be able to save multiple hours every week and every year! You won’t have to browse through the store and wait at the billing counter. 

Busy Hours: Worry about crowded hours in Offline Grocery Stores 

As per a report by Insider, you will find maximum Grocery shoppers from Friday to Saturday. This amount ranges from 33 to 41 million customers. 

If you want to shop from Offline Grocery Stores, you prefer to go on a weekday with only 29-30 million buyers. 

Compare the above situation with Grocery Delivery App Trends. You don't have to worry about the day or week of online shopping. The store traffic or billing counter crowd will save your hours. Moreover, you will receive the goods at your doorstep any day!

Grocery Delivery App Development: Features and additional benefits

Think about any online shopping and delivery application. You will have a wide range of features developers create to save users time and money and help you find appropriate choices. 

You can find image descriptions, related product searches, filters, price ranges, etc. Some Online Grocery Delivery Apps allow shopping from preferred local stores as well!

Delivery Fees: Do we care about Delivery charges while shopping online?

According to Elluminati, 66 of 100 customers prefer getting no or low delivery charges while ordering Grocery Online. Imagine if you have to drive to the local Grocery Store. You will be spending money on gas. So why do we, as customers, want delivery for free?

Many companies confirmed they could maintain customer loyalty by providing free delivery and services. One reason is that buyers prefer a simple billing structure. 

Delivery charges tend to complicate pricing and visible bills for the customers. 

Moreover, who will not like saving money?

How many online Grocery shoppers are we looking for?

According to Business Wire, 64% of US consumers buy products through Grocery Delivery Apps. 

Based on the above facts, people find online purchases better than offline Grocery Shopping for numerous reasons!

Think about a time when all the consumers will start buying essentials online. Grocery stores will lose their customers and market directly. They may begin collaborating with Online stores and initiate product supply. 

Final Words

We are sure you have explored the Online shopping world during the pandemic. There are uncountable benefits to shopping online! Statistics of Grocery Delivery Apps and facts justify everyone's growing love for online purchasing. 

If you are an Entrepreneur or thinking of a start-up, your focus is to provide people with what they want! Individuals and companies have a growing interest in online shopping and e-commerce stores. 

Statistically speaking, this is your chance to start thinking about Grocery Delivery Apps Development if you want to impress your customers and earn maximum profits simultaneously. 

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