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There are over 15,000,000 restaurants, pubs, and cafes in the world. 

This poses a difficult question: What are the chances that your restaurant will be successful?

A report has revealed that 60% of restaurants bite the dust within the first year of operation. 

Moreover, 80% of restaurants get closed within the first five years. It has become evident that if you want to launch your restaurant, you need to be calculative regarding revenue models, marketing strategies, and emerging trends. Traditional restaurants are as old as the hills. Millennials and the young generation prefer takeout's and home delivery, and if your restaurant doesn’t offer it, you don’t exist for them. 

To attract all categories of audience, you need to go digital. Numerous third-party platforms can help you out with this, and Seamless is one of them. Seamless is an online food ordering service that helps you expand your business. 

What is a Virtual Restaurant?

A virtual restaurant operates online and does not serve people sitting in a front-of-house space; they deliver orders to customers’ houses.

Virtual restaurants have their menus available on their site or a third-party platform like seamless. In short, such restaurants cater to on-demand online services. 

Restaurants on Seamless and other platforms start cooking when they get notified of the placed order. Virtual restaurants use a shared kitchen with other restaurants to cook food. 

If you already own a restaurant and want to increase your reach, Seamless is the perfect way to do it. Presently, Seamless has partnered with 12,000 restaurants and serves over 4,000 companies.

How does a virtual restaurant work?

Due to the increased number of restaurants on Seamless and numerous other platforms, it becomes necessary to know how a virtual restaurant works. Customers who want to use your services need to go to your website or third-party platforms to view the menus and place orders online. The virtual restaurants receive the order notification and start preparing the order. After the order is ready, hired drivers deliver the meal to the customer’s doorstep.

What is Seamless?

Seamless, previously known as SeamlessWeb, is an online food ordering service allowing people to order food for home delivery and takeouts from restaurants through their website or suite of mobile apps. Ason Finger, Paul Appelbaum, Todd Arky, and Andy Appelbaum founded Seamless in 1999. In 2013, 

Seamless signed an agreement to merge with GrubHub, its parent today. They have come to be known as GrubHub, Inc. Before this name, they went with the name GrubHub Seamless.

Overview of Seamless

Employees: 501-1000

HQ: United States, New York, New York City

Revenue: $50.0M - $75.0M

Category: Restaurants and Delivery

How does Seamless business work?

Seamless launched when people were used to offline food ordering. At that time, Seamless showed people that they could order food online with a few clicks, which attracted the masses to it. Users just had to choose from the menu, place an order and get it delivered to their doorsteps, all through their website or mobile app. It still works like this. 

Seamless for users

To find the nearest top restaurants and food chains, users first download the app and fill in their particulars like email id, password, and phone number. Your customers can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App store. Once downloaded, it automatically selects your location; you can do the same manually.

Users can now place an order and make payments online or cash-on-delivery. Seamless provides its users with real-time tracking, contacts of valets and restaurants, hygiene information to ensure reliability.

Seamless for drivers

Whenever an order gets placed, drivers get notified of the same. Depending on their availability, they accept or reject the call. After receiving the call, they reach the restaurant with the relevant order id. Then, the id is verified, the status gets updated on the client and restaurant side. Once the driver receives the order, he contacts the customer for his location.

Seamless for business

Whenever an order gets placed, restaurants receive a notification that they have to accept or reject within a short period. Once an order is accepted, they have to prepare it quickly. As the food gets packed, customers receive a push notification.

Advantages of opening a restaurant on Seamless

Attracts a Broad Audience

The brick-and-mortar restaurant guarantees local customers only. Moreover, customers who come to restaurants to dine can take, on average, thirty minutes to finish. It can reduce your sales and profits. Not only do they affect sales but also demand for more restaurant space. 

These problems are kept at bay by going digital. Going digital allows you to promote your takeaway and delivery services. Also, online marketing increases your reach and attracts more new customers. Most young people prefer takeaway and delivery services; thus, going digital attracts more people. One way to go digital is to open your restaurant on Seamless.

Customer Order Management 

The traditional restaurant depends on receipts, unlike restaurants on Seamless. These restaurants use an order management system that lets you monitor the ordering process from order placement to delivery. 

Restaurants on Seamless ensure fast delivery as they start working as soon as they receive order notifications.

Expense Monitoring 

If you are a ghost restaurant owner, Seamless is what you need; Seamless means that you don’t need a physical establishment, rent a kitchen and avail yourself of Seamless. 

An offline restaurant uses receipts to monitor income streams and expenses, which happens only at the end of the month when balancing the accounting books.

In online ordering, you receive precise and real-time information on all orders; it lets you generate cash flow reports and compare the expenses to the income; real-time monitoring of profits.

Efficient and Convenient Ordering Process

Opening a restaurant on Seamless ensures your order never goes wrong. Traditionally, orders get placed through phone calls, which is prone to errors. But with an online system, such mistakes decrease, thanks to streamlining the ordering process through apps and a dedicated ordering website.

Moreover, customers get to take advantage of available deals and offers by the store and specify their delivery options.

Data Analytics

Customer data answers the questions: which dish gets ordered the most, which demographic enjoys what. Restaurants on Seamless generate sufficient data for analysis and decision-making through the ordering system. In addition to it, the collected data also helps craft marketing content.

How to list your restaurant on Seamless

Innovation in every field has made people crave convenience; they like getting served without stepping out of their houses. Due to continuous innovation and increasing consumer expectations, restaurants need to buck up. Restaurant owners need to optimize their menu, manage staff and handle accounting.

All this gets easier with Seamless. Once you open your restaurant on Seamless, nothing stops you from getting successful.

Seamless and GrubHub announced a merger in 2013. Therefore the process of registering your business on Seamless is the same as on GrubHub.

Here, we present the steps to listing your restaurant on Seamless.

Step1:  Go to the signup page for restaurants on GrubHub’s website. Fill out the form that is there.

Step2:  After submitting the form, you get redirected to a page that outlines the registration process. The process can take even four days. Click “Continue Signup” and review the information you gave on the first page.

Step 3: Now, you are supposed to fill out your restaurant information. You also need to specify the number of locations you want to add to their platform.

Step 4: You can review the pricing offered after entering the restaurant information. At this time, you can decide whether you want to use Seamless’ delivery drivers or deliver yourself.

Step 5:  The last step involves giving details about your tax information.

After completing these five steps, you can start building your restaurant on Seamless. All you need now is to upload your menu and schedule a free photoshoot with the Seamless team.


Seamless is your way to go online. Going online not only does make your business popular but also makes managing it easy. To list your restaurant, you need to follow the simple steps listed above. Though there are numerous third-party platforms available, Seamless gives you perks, which are listed above. Plus, the registration process does not take too long. So, if you are looking for a platform for your restaurant, Seamless is here to make the transition process seamless!

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