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Do you want to launch an eCommerce plugin? Do you know what to keep in mind while framing a revenue model for the same? There are numerous plugins available in the world. Therefore, it becomes necessary to study the revenue models of rivals. Here we present to you the Ecwid Revenue Model. Ecwid is a famous and helpful eCommerce platform.


Ecwid is an eCommerce plugin that helps extend your websites' functionalities. It does not need you to start from scratch. In 2016, Ecwid reported that it had over 1 million users, present around the globe in over 175 countries. So, if you are interested in making a plugin of your own, stick around to know the Ecwid revenue model first.

Key takeaway points:

  1. What is Ecwid?
  2. Ecwid users
  3. Ecwid ease of use
  4. For whom is Ecwid suitable
  5. Why is it necessary to have a revenue model?
  6. Ecwid Revenue model

What is Ecwid?

Ecwid is an eCommerce plugin that lets its users add eCommerce functions to their existing websites. It also assists individuals and businesses in creating their online stores. The appealing factor of Ecwid is that it does not demand its users to create a new website from scratch; users enjoy having the ease of extending their websites without starting from scratch. Therefore, we formally define Ecwid as a platform intended to build and manage an online shop in the cloud.

Ecwid has over one million sellers across 175 countries who use Ecwid because it is one of the easiest ways to connect websites, marketplace, social media platforms, and online shops under one unified interface.

Ecwid comes with intuitive building functionality that allows users to create online catalogs and use features like flexible payment options, photos, etc. It also boasts a unified control panel that syncs all your Ecwid storefronts making store management easy.

Ecwid users

Ecwid has powered more than 2 billion stores over the years; it does not just focus on the US or Europe audience. Ecwid is a global platform that serves merchants across 175 different countries.

Even businesses from developing countries use Ecwid to manage and configure their online stores since owners need to do away with their already existing websites. 

Also, established businesses go for Ecwid due to its strong security measures; it is PCI DSS Level 1 certified. It is a gold standard for security and ensures that the data stays safe and secure. Besides targeting those who already have a website, Ecwid also caters to first-time website makers as it is one of those eCommerce platforms that offer a site for free. It also provides the essential eCommerce functionalities that beginners might need. 

In short, users can capitalize on its provisions by setting up a complete online store without spending a lot of money.                                     

Ecwid ease of use


The control panel redesign makes Ecwid simple to use; even a beginner would have an easy time exploring the backend function. 

All the principal functions are present systematically on the left panel of the Ecwid dashboard, while the right side displays their corresponding options. You do not need to spend even a single penny to get started on Ecwid. It makes the setup process easy because users can type in their email address and create a password to go to the backend interface. Ecwid also gives you wizards for every platform you want to place your eCommerce site. The backend onboarding process also is easy since Ecwid walks its users through every site creation and integration step with photos and text. The user needs to add products and attributes to start working on his storefront.

Your Ecwid storefront design is dependent on the themes your website has; you do not get default templates to customize your online store.

The visual editor itself has basic editing settings. Ecwid can only do tweaks like product layout arrangement and alignment with its starter site option. Though, you can use third-party editing apps also. If you have more money and can spend it freely, you can buy custom themes from selected template marketplaces. Ecwid partners with a few reputable ones to avail a range of ready-made themes.  

 It is unnecessary since Ecwid can adapt to your website's current theme. It scans, detects, and analyzes your original fonts and colors; before applying them to your product display.

Ecwid has a native shopping application for both iOS and Android. It allows merchants to download a native management application for iOS and Android at no extra cost.

That alone means users can manage their Ecwid stores and sell on-the-go, while also giving their customers a chance to purchase products from the mobile interface.

When people run online stores, they come across customers who would like to read product pages and other content in their native tongue. Ecwid helps you by automatically detecting and translating more than 51 languages. 

For whom is Ecwid Suitable/ Ecwid Users?

Going by what the website says, Ecwid is suitable for those falling into the category of small to medium-sized businesses that sell both online and in-store. Ecwid gives its users multi-tiered pricing to ensure users get what they need and nothing extra. 

So, if you are just entering this domain of online stores and are new to the field, Ecwid is your go-to tool. 

Businesses that are growing or require adding integrations to enhance customer experience can also use it as Ecwid is scalable for businesses like these.

The Ecwid Revenue Model is a perfect benchmark for your venture.

Now it is time to study the Ecwid Revenue Model. 

But before the revenue model, let us know why we need a revenue model in the first place.

Categories of Ecwid Partners

People who use Ecwid generally belong in one of the following groups:

  1. Big Enterprises
  2. Small Companies
  3. Freelance Developers
  4. Designer

Ecwid Revenue model


Ecwid generates revenue from the plans it offers to its users. Apps apart from the default Ecwid platform offer four options. One of the Ecwid plans is free, which it markets aggressively. It gives users assurance that they will not be charging users at any point. It is what makes Ecwid stand out, and if you want to upgrade, you can.  

The premium payment plans do not cost much either; they are all affordable and offer a range of features. Ecwid's Free user plan lets its user sell ten products, whereas the venture plan raises the count to 100 products, and the user gets extras like an iPhone management app. The Business plan comes with live chat support. It also increases the count to 2500 products for a reasonable price. 

However, Priority support is only available on the Unlimited user plan. This Ecwid user plan also accommodates an unlimited amount of products.

We briefly describe the Ecwid user plans below.

Free Plan 

 It costs nothing and offers you Google Shopping, Facebook advertising, Facebook pixel, selling simultaneously on multiple sites, adding a store to any website, starter site, and unlimited bandwidth. The Ecwid Free Plan covers ten products.

Venture Plan 

It costs $15 per month (monthly) or $12.50 per month paid annually. The Ecwid Venture plan offers:

  1.  chat support
  2.  Google Shopping
  3. Facebook advertising
  4.  Facebook pixel
  5. advanced SEO tools
  6.  inventory management
  7. access to App Market extensions
  8.  selling simultaneously on multiple sites
  9.  automated tax calculations
  10. discount coupons
  11.  adding a store to any website
  12.  starter site
  13.  and unlimited bandwidth. 

It covers 100MB per digital file and a hundred products.

Business Plan 

It costs $35 per month (paid monthly) or $29.17 per month (paid annually). 

The business plan offers the following:

  1.  phone and chats support
  2.  automated abandoned cart recovery
  3. Two staff accounts
  4.  eBay integration
  5. product variations
  6.  product filters
  7.  Google Shopping
  8.  Facebook advertising
  9.  Facebook pixel
  10. advanced SEO tools
  11.  inventory management
  12. access to App Market extensions
  13. selling simultaneously on multiple sites
  14.  automated tax calculations
  15.  discount coupons
  16. abandoned cart saver
  17.  adding a store to any website
  18.  starter site 
  19. and unlimited bandwidth.

It covers 1GB per digital file and 2500 products.

Unlimited Plan 

It costs $99 per month (monthly) or $82.50 per month (paid annually)

 It gives users the following:

  1. priority support
  2. phone and chat support
  3.  Square POS integration
  4.  automated abandoned cart recovery
  5.  Two staff accounts
  6.  eBay integration
  7.  product variations
  8. product filters
  9.  Google Shopping
  10.  Facebook advertising
  11.  Facebook pixel
  12.  advanced SEO tools
  13.  inventory management
  14.  access to App Market extensions
  15.  selling simultaneously on multiple sites
  16.  automated tax calculations
  17. discount coupons
  18. abandoned cart saver
  19.  adding a store to any website
  20.  starter site
  21.  and unlimited bandwidth.

It covers 10GB per digital file and unlimited products.


If you are interested in making and launching an eCommerce plugin, going through the revenue models of its contemporaries is necessary. Here we presented to you the Ecwid Revenue Model. If you are interested in getting a professional consultation, contact AppsRhino today! 

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