Teladoc: Pros, cons, and alternatives!

Updated On: March 2, 2023

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What is Teladoc Health?

Do you know about Teladoc Health Inc? Before understanding the benefits and limitations of the Teledoc App, let's learn how this application started its journey. 

G. Byron Brooks EE MD and Michael Gorton founded Teledoc Health Inc in 2002. This company has its set-up in Dallas, Texas, United States! Patients can get Telemedicine and online Healthcare services with this Teladoc Therapy application. 

They may talk to doctors and medical experts any time of the day and get better with their Health!

Teladoc Health has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store. The patients gave satisfying services for this App! 

Teladoc therapy benefits

Now, let's understand the benefits of using Teladoc Health Inc for Healthcare services!

Medical Experts availability 24*7

Medical Experts availability 24*7

Patients can request appointments any time they like. Imagine a patient having a stomach ache at night and willing to take advice for the perfect solution! What will they do?

Teladoc Health services will allow any patient to book an appointment 24*7. 

Cancel Appointments

Think of a situation where you book an appointment with the doctor using the Teladoc App. However, you realize about going to a significant event at the same time. Will you miss the event for the doctor's appointment or vice-versa?

Well, you don't have to choose! Teladoc Health Inc allows you to cancel appointments and reschedule them per preference and availability!

Medical History forms

Medical History forms

The Teladoc App allows patients to upload their Medical History to medical experts. As a patient, you'll fill out the form once and get an opportunity to update it anytime! 

The Medical History forms will allow the patients to track their progress with Teladoc Health. Moreover, newly appointed doctors will know the patient's situation thoroughly!

Teladoc Health disadvantages

While developers create every application to provide maximum benefits and comfort to the audience, limitations come along. Here are some cons of Teladoc

Getting comfortable with the Teledoc App

Although the emerging technology allowed patients to gain comfort with the applications and websites effortlessly, patients might take time to get familiar with online treatment. 

The audience believes physical consultation to be better. They want to visit the doctor and explain their medical issues. Therefore, not all patients believe in virtual healthcare services, which becomes one of the limitations of Teladoc Therapy. 

Teladoc Price

You will face no Teladoc Price issues if you have medical insurance or an insurance plan for the Teladoc App. However, for non-insurance patients, Teladoc Health services start at $75.00 per visit. Therefore, you shall be open to Healthcare plans while starting your journey with Teladoc. 

Teladoc App alternatives

Teladoc App alternatives

Here is a list of alternatives for Tealdoc Health Inc. These alternatives provide Telehealth services for patients and allow them to reach their fitness and healthcare goals per requirement!


Play Store: 4.5

AppStore: 4.6


Play Store: 3.2

AppStore: 4.7

Doctor on Demand

Play Store: 4.8

AppStore: 4.9



Play Store: 4.7

AppStore: 4.7


Play Store: 4.4

AppStore: 4.9

Final Words

Do you want to develop an application like Teledoc Health? We have you covered! Consider the benefits you can offer your patients by adding the appropriate features!

Online Healthcare is the new form of fitness and Health. Patients and their families are willing to switch to Telemedicine for their convenience. 

Moreover, doctors can contact patients at any time and offer consultation! They can provide Healthcare services from their home without visiting the clinic!

Telemedicine is the future, and you can become a part of this journey by creating a Teladoc Clone! Do you know where to start? Contact AppsRhino! Our team can make your application development dreams come true!

Book a demo today to know more!


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