What industries can benefit from telehealth technology?

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69% of patients stated that easy-to-use technologies would nudge them to book an online appointment. One contributing factor here is that Telemedicine decreases the costs of doctor visits by 10-15%. Besides lower prices, the convenience of consulting doctors from the comfort of one's home and the conservation of fuel also motivate people to go for Telemedicine apps to seek medical treatment. The preceding paragraph makes it apparent that the healthcare industry and patients are the ones who benefit from Telemedicine. But one might wonder whether someone else also receives the benefits of Telemedicine. This million-dollar question has its answer in the blog. Besides this question getting its response here, the blog also discusses the types of Telemedicine for people who do not know what exactly Telemedicine is.

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 What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is a means of providing healthcare facilities to patients remotely using technologies. Since remote treatment is now possible, patients and doctors do not need to be present in the same room, city, country, or continent.

What are the types of Telemedicine?


2.Remote monitoring

3.Real-time interactive services




7.Telerehabilitation .

What are the benefits of Telemedicine?

1.Comfort and Convenience

2.Control of Infectious Illness

3.Better Assessment

4.Family Connections

What are the industries that benefit from Telehealth Technology?

1.The Healthcare Industry

2.Mobile App Development Companies


4.Sports Gear Manufacturers



Telemedicine: What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a means of providing healthcare facilities to patients remotely using technologies. Since remote treatment is now possible, patients and doctors do not need to be present in the same room, city, country, or continent. The usual ways of getting in touch in this arrangement are:

1.video chat

2.phone call t 3.ext message Thus, one can use Telemedicine to ask one-off questions and participate in annual physical exams. Let us now read about the types of Telemedicine.

Telemedicine: What are the types of Telemedicine?

There are numerous types of Telemedicine. Each of these types performs a specific role.

Telemedicine Type #1: Store-and-forward

This type of Telemedicine eliminates the need for patients and medical practitioners to meet in person. And all of the necessary information reaches the specialist as soon as patients send them. The medical fields employing this type of Telemedicine are:



3.pathology However, one should know that this type of Telemedicine depends on patients' history reports and documented images. Such dependency in the case of Telemedicine is prone to the wrong diagnosis. However, misdiagnosis is absent from a physical visit.

Telemedicine Type #2: Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is the second of Telemedicine and is also known as elf-monitoring or self-testing. Various technological devices play a vital role in remotely monitoring patients' health and clinical signs. The use of remote monitoring is dominant in managing chronic diseases—patients who grapple with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and asthma use this type of Telemedicine. We list the benefits of remote monitoring below: cost-effectiveness more frequent monitoring greater patient satisfaction However, every beneficial thing comes with some drawbacks. The drawback of this type of Telemedicine is the inaccurate diagnosis by patients- although the results are similar to professional-patient tests usually.

Telemedicine Type #3: Real-time interactive services

The third type of Telemedicine is Real-time interactive services. This type of Telemedicine helps give immediate advice via phone calls and online media to patients who need them urgently. The sessions taking place via Telemedicine mimic real face-to-face appointments.

Telemedicine Type #4: Teleneuropsychology

Teleneuropsychology falls into the category of Real-time interactive services and involves neuropsychological consultation and assessment over the phone. This use of Telemedicine proves to be the best alternative to traditional in-person consultations. However, everyone concerned must uphold quality standards and administration.

Telemedicine Type #5: Telenursing

Telenursing means using communicative technologies to furnish remote nursing services. This type of Telemedicine gained momentum due to the low cost and high accessibility of the services- rural patients have benefited the most from its existence. Besides rural patients, the administrative staff also enjoys benefits such as fewer patients at the hospitals and more focus on patients requiring more attention.

Telemedicine Type #6: Telepharmacy

This type of Telemedicine is a relief for people who live far away from pharmacists and pharmaceutical stores. It allows suitable monitoring of medications and lets patients receive advice efficiently. Also, refill authorization may be available, depending on the state's regulations.

Telemedicine Type #7: Telerehabilitation

This type of Telemedicine uses technologies to create a medium to communicate and perform clinical assessment and therapy for patients going through rehabilitation. Here doctors and patients use a strong visual element with video conferences and webcams to convey symptoms and clinical progress.

Let us now read about the benefits of Telemedicine.

What are the benefits of Telemedicine?

Telemedicine 2022: Comfort and Convenience

Patients no longer need to travel to hospitals and wait in the lobbies. It saves their time and fuel. Thus, what they could get only by traveling to the hospital and disrupting their schedules, is available to them from the comfort of their homes.

Telemedicine 2022: Control of Infectious Illness

Telemedicine has given doctors an excellent means to examine and treat patients from afar, preventing the spread of infectious illnesses. Thus, the spread of COVID-19, flu and other contagious diseases does not threaten to disseminate treatment.
Today, doctors can observe patients from a distance, reducing their chances of contracting diseases and protecting other vulnerable patients.

Telemedicine 2022: Better Assessment

Telemedicine lets medical practitioners evaluate your health and environment well. Since you consult doctors from your home, allergists can inspect your environment and arrive at the possible cause of allergies. Also, neurologists and physical and occupational therapists can observe patients and assess their ability to navigate and take care of themselves in their homes.

Telemedicine 2022: Family Connections

Telemedicine keeps the patient's family members in the loop regarding their treatment only with their permission.

What are the industries that benefit from Telehealth Technology?

Telemedicine Industries #1: The Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is the most benefited industry from Telemedicine. Doctors and patients can now contact each other quickly and at any time. With apparent confusion, ask questions and access data whenever required. Also, the administrative staff no longer has to deal with monotonous and repetitive tasks. It allows them to focus on more crucial tasks at hand. Apart from this, the goodwill and credibility of the organizations also increase as people view them as sincere medical practitioners and healthcare providers.

Telemedicine Industries #2: Mobile Apps

As more and more healthcare organizations turn to Telemedicine, mobile development companies will get more work opportunities. Thus, the greater the demand for Telemedicine and telehealth apps, the more companies get clients, increasing their income and scope.

Telemedicine Industries #3: Telecommunications

Telemedicine is in demand, and telecommunication plays a significant role in it. Since many telecommunications companies exist, only those survive who have solutions and apt services that would pitch in Telemedicine. Thus, Telemedicine helps those telecommunication companies with up-to-date technologies and solutions by giving them business opportunities.

Telemedicine Industries #4: Sports Gear Manufacturers

Since Telemedicine requires remote monitoring, the only way to transfer important data to doctors is by wearables. Smartwatches, wristbands, etc., measure and store patients' heartbeat, blood pressure, sugar level, etc. and send this data to doctors in case of an emergency or a remote monitoring session. As more people begin using Telemedicine, they will need to buy wearables essential to the optimum working of the Telemedicine treatment procedure.


Telemedicine is affordable and accessible to everyone, making obtaining healthcare facilities a reality for many. Also, 1%–42% of U.S. adults stated that they delayed or avoided in-person care during the pandemic thanks to the concerns about COVID-19. This number shows how many more patients a healthcare organization can entertain if it provides treatment via Telemedicine. Besides increasing the number of patients, doctors also benefit from avoiding contact with people suffering from infectious illnesses. Suppose you want a Telemedicine app to manage your administrative tasks better and promote goodwill. In that case, you can hire AppsRhino to develop your excellent Telemedicine app. Also, suppose you are a wearable manufacturer. In that case, you can take our assistance in designing and developing wearables compatible with Telemedicine apps.

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