7 Advantages of having Telehealth Apps in 2022

Updated On: February 9, 2023

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If only an apple could keep the doctor away! Sadly, that proverb lied to our faces. It does not work in real life. How easy it would have been to cure anything by just snagging an apple whenever you are under the weather. Well, there is something that could help us out, unlike the apple. It is a Telehealth App.

In the era where the words Social Distancing and Pandemic live in people’s minds rent-free, you would be considered living under the rock if you said you never heard of “Telehealth apps” and “the advantages of telehealth apps.”

Right from promoting social distancing to making sure that beds are available at hospitals, it carries the weight of the world on its shoulders. Babies and toddlers are taken ill at very odd times, making it hard to reach doctors at times. So instead of relying on Google, parents can resort to telehealth apps. It is possibly the quickest way to get a diagnosis and a prescription. 

There is more in store. It even lets you set reminders lest you skip any appointments owing to your hectic lifestyle! Not only that, it makes you come across various hospitals in your locality. Brace yourself! You are about to read numerous advantages of telehealth apps that you have never heard of before.

Telehealth apps let you consult doctors from the comfort of your own home anytime and anywhere. It has made it possible for us to obtain treatment in the middle of a global pandemic without putting ourselves at risk.

Let us dive into the seven advantages of telehealth apps without any further ado. But before talking about the advantages of telehealth apps, let us get familiar with the term.

What is telehealth?


The delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services via telecommunications and digital communication technologies are known as telehealth. These health-related services encompass medical care, provider and patient education, health information services, and self-care. Thus, patients and doctors don’t need to share the same room, town, and even country to discuss patients’ issues.

The global telehealth market is predicted to reach $559.52 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 25.2%. This growth is expected since the advantages of telehealth apps are numerous, and these benefits improve the quality of medical care. 

We will discuss these benefits in this blog.

Here are seven advantages of telehealth apps!

Constant support to medical systems


It is next to impossible to find an unoccupied bed in hospitals in these trying times. Covid patients benefit from telehealth apps as they make them conducive to treating low-risk patients while they are at their homes. Since low-risk patients are treated at their homes, those whose conditions are severe can be kept at hospitals. It leads to better management of patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Consultations take place via zoom or google meet, thus keeping the risk of virus exposure at bay not only for patients but also for doctors. As doctors are safe, they can attend to those who are ailing. It also prevents virus transmission to patients who seek consultations for reasons other than the coronavirus. Since people get treated online and from their homes, unnecessary usage of safety gear is also minimized, thus saving resources.

Presently, 76 percent of hospitals in the U.S. connect doctors and patients remotely via telehealth; this has revolutionized healthcare functions. 

A boon to the immobile

Even before the pandemic took the whole world by surprise, it was hard for some people to go to the hospitals. These were patients who couldn't move because of old age or those who severely injured their limbs upon meeting with an accident. Even for this, telehealth apps have a cure. It helps them consult doctors, make bookings, talk to them without changing their environment. That being said, it even makes it feasible for patients to get rehabilitation while being at their homes. Doctors supervise such patients via meetings; they keep an eye on the patient's exercises and activities and can rectify something amiss. 

Another reason for its popularity is the sense of independence that it gives the elderly. Thanks to telehealth, they don't have to depend on their children to take them to the hospital or be given to old age homes. All they have to do is pick up their phones and avail themselves of telehealth apps. 


Doctors need to know everything about their medical history to treat their patients to a tee. Artificial Intelligence has made it a reality. Artificial Intelligence integrated into telehealth apps lets doctors treat patients well and generate digital prescriptions. Machine learning is also employed to get insight into patients’ health. It not only quickens the process but also makes it accurate. Besides this, deep learning helps nip many diseases in the bud, courtesy of its ability to detect diseases in early stages. Better diagnosis is rolled out since mixed reality creates an interactive virtual environment, making the impeccable diagnosis a reality.

Telehealth won’t tell a single soul! (security)

Who would like to have their personal information floating around? No one. There is a massive risk of patients’ location and other details getting leaked if patients and doctors have a video call on an unsecured network. It acts as a potential concern and risk to one’s safety. To avoid such a fiasco, telehealth app development involves the usage of data encryption, fine-grained access control, and blockchain technology.

Fashion and Treatment  go hand in hand

Reports suggest that 49% in the USA are proud owners of any wearables. The likes of fitness bands and smartwatches are so popular amongst people as they use such devices to make a fashion statement. But the perks of wearing one of them is more than just being fashionable. Even though virtual consultations are on the rise and easy to go for, there are still some limitations. Doctors can’t monitor your heartbeats or measure your blood pressure, and to solve this, wearables are used. Telehealth apps can show all these pieces of information to doctors to provide an accurate diagnosis.

Saves Time

Telehealth app development makes it possible for people to avoid spending money on petrol by allowing you to talk to doctors from the comforts of your own house. You are no longer required to traverse to the hospital. It saves your precious time by not waiting in long queues or booking your appointments. You can book appointments instantly and don’t even have to wait outside their cabins to get examined.

A ray of hope for rural areas

It is well-known that it is hard to find doctors in rural areas who are competent enough to handle severe cases efficiently. Medical apps can help them connect with doctors online for medical consultations. Even though rural areas are out of the loop, they now enjoy a stable internet connection needed to operate medical apps. It means that they don’t have to spend money on traveling, saving them money that they could now use to buy medications.

These were the seven main advantages of Telehealth apps and the advancements in Telehealth apps development.


Telehealth apps have made it possible for us to have our data safe in one place and access it anywhere and anytime without involving dead woods. It encourages people to seek treatment without worrying about collecting their documents first. Telehealth apps have it stored in one place. They even let us connect with a doctor at any hour of the day. It prevents cases from getting worse.

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