Who are Java Developers and how can they help you 2022?

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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Knock, knock!

Who's there?

Java Developers

Java Developers who?

We are programmers. We build projects and make apps. You name any assignment, and we'll do it efficiently!

Your next project is on the way. You have to make technology-building and changing decisions. Your idea can help people. Your Application holds power to change perspectives. 

But you are unsure about the start. What will you do?

You will look for a plan and a budget. You have to decide on the development languages and start the hiring process. We have a solution for you!

Why don't you go for Java? Read this blog to understand the advantages of having Java Software Developers, the meaning of Java, its logo, and its uses!  

Moreover, you will understand the significance of Java and its demand in the market of 2022!

What is Java? Why do we use Java for programming?

What is Java? Why do we use Java for programming?

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Sun Microsystems developed Java in 1995, and programmers have been using this language since then. Currently, Oracle owns Java.

Java is free to download for personal and corporate uses. Java Developers can download the Java kit for free from the official sources. 

Java Developers for hire benefit from this programming language by building numerous applications and helpful software for customers and users. 

According to W3 schools, 3 billion devices across the globe run on Java software systems. 

The logo of our Programming Langauge: A Fun Fact!

Have you ever noticed the unique Java logo? It is a blue coffee cup spreading the coffee aroma with red-colored steam. 

Java's logo was developed in 1996, a year after Java's release to the computer world. 

Designers dedicated this logo to the Java Developers who spent their days and nights creating the efficient programming language of Java. 

Moreover, Java Software Developers consumed Java coffee beans while building their project. You can find the famous Java coffee beans in the lands of Indonesia! 

Why use Java? 

Why use Java?

Let us understand the specialty of this language by counting facts on why Java Developers use this language for application development. 

  1. Java can work on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linus, and others. Java Developers don't have to worry about the operating system while working on Java.
  2. Java Developers testified that this programming language is comparatively less complicated to learn and use. 
  3. If Software Developers start with C# or C++, they can switch to Java effortlessly and vice versa. These coding languages are similar in logic and use.
  4. Java is a strong, swift, and smooth programming language. 

According to Statista, Java is the most popular programming language in the world after Python. It has a 21.42% share among other languages! You will find tens of millions of Java Software Developers today. 

Where do Java Developers use this programming language?

Java Developers for hire use their coding skills on multiple domains and find ways to make the most of this coding language!

  1. Java is used for Android Smartphone applications. 
  2. Java Software Developers can build web applications. 
  3. Desktop Apps require the use of Java and related languages. 
  4. You can indulge in game development using Java!
  5. Java Developers use Java for data connections and servers. 

This programming language has more benefits, and the list keeps growing with the passing years. 

Increasing demand for Java Developers for Hire in 2022!

Java Developers use Java not only for programming but treat it as an emerging technology platform!

The Information and Technology domain is developing daily, and there is no denying that. People have become more and more curious about the Computer Science sector. Programmers and engineers are fulfilling technical jobs while the world is enjoying new technology!

We come back to our initial question. Are Java Developers for hire in demand for 2022? 

If you want a brief answer, you will get a positive one!

According to Stackoverflow, coders claimed that Java is a highly used programming language. Therefore, there is a high demand for Java Developers in every tech-related place. 

Due to the compatibility of Java with multiple devices and operating platforms, numerous applications and games require Java Developers.

“While Microsoft does not share all of Oracle's ambitions for Java, we agree that it is a very valuable tool for software developers.” Bill Gates said the lines above. 

If you are searching for the perfect development language for your next mobile or desktop application, you should go for Java! Java Developers will help you create a fulfilling application that your clients love!

Hiring Java Developers: What skills should they have?

Hiring Java Developers: What skills should they have?

When you start the job selection and hiring process, you focus on finding the perfect candidates for your upcoming projects. You understand the need of your company and the ideas behind the projects.  Hiring Java Developers is a complicated task. You have to analyze every participant's technical and soft skills, examine resumes, arrange assignments and take interviews. The hiring procedure is lengthy and may take weeks or months.

If you are willing to invest your time and energy in the hiring procedure, you should make sure you make no errors! Here is a list of skills every Java Developer should have!

Proficiency in Java

If you are Hiring Java Developers, they should be efficient in Java programming and logic. The candidates should be thorough with the theory and practical knowledge. 

Moreover, project building and experience add up to their advantage!

Your Java Software Developers should understand the principles of Object Oriented Programming. They should answer your questions based on Relational database management, SQL, MariaDB, etc. 

Additional related languages

Every Java Developer for Hire should know other back-end and front-end languages. Your candidate will deal with programmers in the office while building the project. Ask your Java Software developer about having prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. Moreover, they should understand JavaScript and Node JS for client-side development. Kotlin's understanding is crucial for Android App Development.

Application Designing and Architecture

To build a client-satisfactory Application, they should know the architecture behind building apps and websites. 

Your app should work smoothly and appeal to the customer. While Java Application Development, Java Software Developers should acknowledge aspects like framework, design, outline, etc. 

You should ask how candidates will take care of their app or web application from the server and client end. 

JVM Internals and Java Build Tools

There are three components in JVM internals. This classification includes ClassLoader, Memory area, and Execution Engine. 

Ask the Java Developers if they have deep knowledge of the JVM internals and their work. Building steady and high-performance Java apps and databases requires knowledge of JVM, JIT, garbage collectors, and other options.  

Do you know about the use of Java Build Tools? Java Software Developers created these tools to ease the workload for maximum development projects. 

Different Java Build Tools like Gradle, Ivy, Apache Ant, Maven, and others help build numerous projects. 

You candidates should know about automating their tasks in Java for better results of executable codes.

The Principles of Object Oriented Programming

Robert Martin and Uncle Rob created five principles for the Programming community by the acronym SOLID. 

There Principles are as follows.

  1. S: Single Responsibility Principle 
  2. O: Open-Closed Principle
  3. L: Liskov Substitution Principle
  4. I: Interface Segregation Principle
  5. D: Dependency Inversion Principle

Ask questions about these principles to your Java Developers for hire and evaluate their answer based on learning and practical knowledge of each.

Final Words

Now you know numerous reasons Java Developers can help in app creation and other Development fields. 

Moreover, there is high demand and growth in this programming language. 

If you wish to hire Java Developers, you have two ways. 

You can go through the lengthy hiring process and spend weeks on detailed evaluation, as explained in one of the sections above. You will hire Part-time, Full-time, or contract-based Java Software Developers.

We have an alternate way for you! You can outsource Java Developers. You will receive a trained team that will work per requirement, giving you control over your project's features, development, outline, and architecture. 

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