5 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring Nodejs Developers In India

Updated On: February 8, 2023

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Are you looking for node js developers? Do you know what to ask them before you consider hiring someone? Do you want to save yourself from accidentally hiring node js developers who can not do your project justice?

If yes, you must read the blog to equip yourself with the 5 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring Node Js Developer In India.

If you are wondering why acquainting yourself with these questions is necessary, you must know that hiring node js developers who are not too well versed with the technology will only cause you trouble later. 

Therefore, one must know how to evaluate interviewees to ensure that one picks only the best out of the lot. Let us dive in!

What are the 5 must-ask questions for hiring a Node Js developer in India?

Let us see the five must-ask questions for hiring node js developers in India. These are just some crucial questions. However, you should not solely depend on these five questions to evaluate your interviewees' worth.

What are Promises?

What are Promises?

You can ask your Node js developer candidates about Promises. These are an alternate way to write asynchronous code, helping you manage asynchronous functions better in a Node js app. 

Promises became popular only after the evolution of JavaScript and are present in several modern programming languages. 

Basically, promises let you return the error or result, and a developer needs to use the <.then()> function to implement them in Node js-related apps.

What is a Callback function in Node js?

Node js does not wait for a file I/O to conclude. Instead, it uses "Callbacks." The reason for it is that Node js is an asynchronous JS framework.

Let us talk a bit more about Callback. A callback is a function that one calls or invokes to complete assigned tasks to prevent blocking and let the other code be executed parallelly. It is why Node js apps can manage several I/O operations running simultaneously.

What is the Control Flow function? Elaborate on how “Control Flow” controls functional calls.

What is the Control Flow function

Do you remember the Callback function we talked about previously? This control flow function is related to that only.

A developer needs to use lots of callback functions when they desire to write asynchronous code in Node js.

However, there comes a time when the developer reaches the limit of using a nested callback, which is 63.

When such a situation arises, they are likely to encounter Callback hell. One of the best ways to prevent that is using the control flow function.

The control flow function aids one in structuring all asynchronous code you have in order to prevent your app from experiencing callback hell.

The said function helps you with the following:

  1. Gather data
  2. Controls the order of execution
  3. Integration limit
  4. Call the very next step in the program

What is the difference between non-blocking and Asynchronous?

Asynchronous in node js permits developers to make asynchronous HTTP requests; the server will respond to you in no time. Meanwhile, the app can continue working on any other blocks and send a response only when it receives the server's response.

 On the other hand, non-blocking is a function often used with I/O operations. These respond instantly with whatever data is present to keep executing incoming requests.

Also, the code will quickly return an error if one cannot retrieve any response. 

What is Node JS, and Where can it be used?

You might wonder why you would ask your interviewees such a straightforward question. Our honest answer is that their answer to this question can tell a lot about their expertise in this field. And a sample answer that suffices is as follows:

First, your candidate must tell you that node js is a JavaScript runtime environment that permits developers to write server-side scripts. 

Moreover, they should also know on this technology has been built.

Node js is built on top of Google chrome's v8 engine and employs an event-driven, non-blocking Input-output model.

Developers and companies prefer using node js because you can use it to build different types of apps and services. For instance, real-time chat apps, REST APIs, web apps, and many more.

Now let us see what else you must try to look for in your candidates.

What things should your candidates know or possess?

What things should your candidates know or possess?

Your ideal candidate must have the following in order to cut the mustard!

  1. They should have an in-depth capability in front-end technologies.
  2. They should be skillful at coding complex designs.
  3. Your candidates should have experience in writing integration testing codes.
  4. Also, having skills in GitHub writing is a desirable thing.
  5. Your potential developers should also know how to use scrum and agile methodologies.

What are the best practices that your developers should adhere to?

A developer who sticks to the following practices can do justice to your project.

  1. Your developer should correctly use HTTP status codes.
  2. They should do proper versioning with endpoints that they could comprehend later.
  3. They should employ authentications based on JSON Web tokens. These are also referred to as JWT.
  4. A good developer creates proper documentation for APIs.

What general qualities should you look for in your node js developers?

What general qualities should you look for in your node js developers?

Here we list the general qualities that you should ensure that your node js developers possess:

  1. Ambition
  2. Determination
  3. Problem-solving attitude
  4. Flexibility
  5. Teamwork
  6. Work ethic
  7. Eagerness to learn


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