7 Reasons Why Node js Developers are important in 2022

Updated On: May 2, 2023

Updated By: AppsRhino


When was Node js born? How did it evolve as one of the most used back-end Development languages?

The original authors of Node js released this programming language on 27 May 2009. Ryan Dahl wrote Node js thirteen years after the first-server side introduction of JavaScript. 

Node js Developers have come a long way since. After reading this blog, you will understand the importance of Node js in 2022! Moreover, you will know the benefits of having Node js Developers for your company.

According to Netguru, Node js helped in application performance by 50%!

Therefore, uncountable platforms have switched to Node js. High-traffic sites utilize Node js for their customers and viewers. (W3techs)

These Apps and websites made coding language changes after their release and popularity among consumers. 

Now, let's understand the meaning and responsibilities of Node js Developers, their importance in 2022, and reasons to Hire dedicated Node js developers in India. 

Who are Node js Developers? What do they do?

Suppose a company wants an application with the exchange of data between the servers and user interface. In that case, they will look for Node js Development. 

Node js Developers are IT and programming professionals responsible for creating apps and website-related codes and building working platforms for us

Node js Developers are a part of back-end development that mainly works on the server side. They integrate their software with front-end development to reach the user.

Every Node js Developer should be proficient in the language and have appropriate experience and projects in similar fields. If you are a Node js Developer, your program should be stable, smooth, fast, and efficient for any customer or user. 

Responsibilities of Node js Developers

Here is a list of responsibilities and roles Node js Developers should fulfill after getting hired by any company or project team.

  1. Brief about front-end development since they will collaborate with the client side. 
  2. Knowledge and implementation of UX and UI design helpful in server creation.  
  3. Writing reusable and efficient Node js codes. 
  4. Running tests and performing Quality Assurance examinations for the program at primary levels. 
  5. Code documentation for other programmers' understanding.
  6. Problem-Solving and changing codes per requirement. 

Seven Reasons why Node js Developers are important in 2022

According to webtribunal, 36.42% percent of Node js Developers use this language for back-end development. Developers use Node js Frameworks, functions, libraries, and tools for creating some of the best web applications. 

How often do you use Amazon? Most of us take advantage of Amazon to buy products and services daily. Do you know which programming language was used in creating the Amazon App?

Moreover, other platforms like Netflix, Reddit, and eBay use Node js Developers for Application development. 

Let's look at the seven reasons why Node js Developers are booming in 2022. 

Node js as a Lightweight language

Node js Developers find implementing the language and program effortless and least time-consuming. Error detection is better and easy to resolve. 

Node js Developers are in demand as apps use this language for development due to its event-driven and non-blocking nature!

Real-time applications like Reddit love Node js as their server language. 

Money Savings

Node js Developers can practice and create applications and websites without spending money.

Node is an open-source platform that is free to use. 

Moreover, it is cost-efficient when compared to other Java-Script-based platforms and servers. 

Additionally, according to Node js 2017, companies could cut their Development costs and save 12% of their investment after using Node js for two or more years!

Imagine how much an App Development company saves by using Node js as their programming language!

Node js as a Scalable coding language

Scalability allows Developers and users to grow or reduce the size of their software per increase or decrease in requirement.  There are two types of scaling in every software development involving Node js Developers. 

This classification includes horizontal and vertical scaling. The horizontal method refers to adding supplementary required nodes. And the vertical scaling method means adding power to the existing systems. 

While Node js may not be more scalable than PHP and Ruby, it is more suitable than other back-end programming languages. 

Due to the scalable nature, Node js Developers prefer building programs with this language!


Node js is an asynchronous language. Moreover, it consists of a single thread. Therefore, one action will not interfere with another. 

Node js developers can read and write programs, solve queries, send e-mails and perform other tasks simultaneously. This process saves time and contributes to the speedy nature of this language. 

Additionally, Google's V8 Engine is the power factor behind Node js Development. Thus, the internal system converts the source code into machine-understandable code faster than other programming languages!

Companies consider Node js Development as their future coding technology. They are hiring Node js Developers enthusiastically for the same reason. 

Node js for Real-Time App Development

You know you can write code from the client and server side using Node js as your programming language. Therefore, code implementation is easier and faster. 

Moreover, you can handle multiple client requests and answer them immediately! Additionally, Node js Developers face minimum problems while creating applications that require extensive data and processing.

Imagine you want to create an application like Netflix. Thousands of users will use your Netflix-like website at one time.  

You can provide content for every user, customize and recommend movies/videos, and respond to their requests and queries. 

If Node js Developers are creating your app, you will not face any difficulties in doing numerous tasks and satisfying customer needs. 

New Features in Node js 

Developers started experimenting with JavaScript initially. Therefore, Node js became a technology available to programmers on the back-end side. 

Further, coders started creating and testing new features in Node js. The results made Node js an efficient language for software development. 

Companies and Node js Developers keep testing Node js with new ideas and technologies. 

Recently, Node js 18 was released with new characteristics making app and web creation better. Some new features were the Code test runner module, Global fetch (enabled by default), and an updated version of V8 JavaScript Engine 10.1. 

It would be best if you had a perfect team of Node js Developers that understand new features and can create better software for the consumers. 

SEO Friendly Apps and Websites

You want to reach people and everyday mobile and internet users. There are hundreds of companies and developers creating numerous Apps and Websites daily. 

To make your place in the market, you must focus on Search Engine Optimisation! Node js Developers will help you reach your customers. It has the capability that will let you complete SEO-based research and other actions without restriction.

Hire dedicated Node js Developers in India

If you are looking for Node js Developers for your next project, you should know why it is best to Hire dedicated Node js Developers in India. 

  1. Node js Developers in India are skillful. They have the required qualification and academic knowledge. 
  2. Practical understanding and experience are necessary with theoretical knowledge. If you Hire dedicated Node js Developers in India, you will get hardworking and experienced programmers. 
  3. Node js Developers in India know multiple languages. You will not face language barriers or differences. 


There are numerous ways of hiring Node js Developers. You can get developers part-time or full-time, hire developers on a contract basis, or outsource Node js Developers from another country.  Node js Developers will become a crucial part of the emerging technological society in and after 2022. 

According to Hackernoon, Netflix and PayPal used different programming languages for App Development and implementation. 

The above apps are Real-Time Applications and faced growth in economic performance after implementing Node js! AppsRhino is an App Development Platform. We have an experienced team of Node js Developers and engineers. 

If you want to Hire dedicated Node js Developers in India, AppsRhino is the perfect place for you! We are here to help you at every step. 

Contact our team now and learn more about Node js Development for your upcoming software or project!