7 must-have features of a Modern-Day Telehealth App!

Updated On: February 23, 2023

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Are you in the process of creating a modern telehealth app? Do you know about the telehealth features you shall add to help and interact with a maximum number of patients and their loved ones? Well, we are here with some answers for you! 

We will discuss the types of telehealth services and the qualities patients and app users expect when they open your platform. 

Before moving forward, let's understand the meaning of telehealth and its role today. 

Imagine the world before telehealth. You will realize how patients waited in lines and phone calls before getting medical experts to check them and give a solution for their problem. Finding doctors after midnight and even evening proved difficult. 

Telehealth refers to all possible health services available on the internet via websites and applications for patients and their loved ones. Let's know more as we proceed!

Telehealth app types

If you go to the internet and search for the types of Telehealth services, you will not believe the advancement in our technology. Patients can look at the doctors while receiving consultations, order medicines at home, and check oxygen and heart rate via their smartwatches and whatnot. 

Here is a list of telehealth application types

  1. Doctor consultation application
  2. Reminder apps
  3. Fitness application
  4. Yoga application
  5. Exercise tracking app
  6. Step-counting app
  7. Calendar applications 
  8. Appointment Booking applications
  9. Healthcare community applications
  10. Personal notes app
  11. Health tracking applications
  12. App to find doctors

And many more. 

The seven must-have Telehealth app features

Now, we are reaching the core section of this blog. If you are developing a telehealth services application or website or wondering about creating one, here is a list of telehealth features your application users want. 

Video Calling feature

If a patient is downloading your telehealth application and wishes to talk to the doctors, what is the perfect way to achieve that goal? You can allow the patients and their loved ones to consult with the medical experts via phone and video calling features. 

The medical expert can look at the patients while talking to them. Moreover, patients get reassurance from the visual presence of the doctor.

Talk to the medical expert via the chat feature.

Imagine a patient having an appointment with a medical expert and getting their medicines. However, they come across a minor doubt after the doctor consultation and want to clarify.

How will they connect with the medical expert? Shall they book another appointment? The Chat feature comes into play here! 

You can allow the patients to contact the medical expert, nurse, or hospital by sending them a message via your application for doubts and progress. 

On-demand medicine delivery

Think about a situation where a patient has a cold and consults with the doctor about their condition. They get their consultation and medicine remarks. Now they want to order medicine to their doorstep. 

Do you want the user to switch to another On-demand delivery application? You can allow app users to upload their prescriptions and search for their medicine on your application. 

Further, they may order these medicines to their desired address.

Booking and canceling appointments

A user books an appointment with your telemedicine services app. Now, they have to go somewhere and cannot make it in time for the booking. What will they do?

You may allow the patients or their loved ones to book and cancel appointments per their requirements. Further, rescheduling appointments is another feature you may add.

Additionally, this feature can be available for doctors and medical experts in case they want to cancel or change consultation timings due to personal reasons.

Preserve and share medical records.

When patients download your telehealth app, you can provide them with a feature to scan and upload all their prescriptions, scans, x-rays, and other medical records. 

Further, the users can update these records per their necessity and share them with their doctors and experts while consulting.

Find offline doctors and clinics nearby.

Sometimes telemedicine app users want to visit doctors offline. You can allow these customers to find doctors via your application. 

They may search for the doctor type and location they want to find the doctor. Your app can provide recommendations and appointment booking options.

Connect with personal devices.

Do you notice how you can connect your mobile to a smartwatch? You can check your blood pressure and oxygen levels and store the record on other devices.

You can allow the patients and users to download your application and extend its availability to connected smart devices like fitness bands and watches!

Final Words

You shall understand that your goal is to create the perfect application for the users. You want to target your audience and provide the best possible services after they download your app. So, after knowing the telehealth features, what will be your next step?

If you are at the primary stage of telemedicine services app development, you may start planning. Understand all telehealth features you want to add, be creative, and develop a budget for your platform. 

AppsRhino is here for your consultation and assistance. We are an app development company, and we can help you create the best application for your users. Visit our page now to know more! 


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