Building a Pharma Delivery Application: To ensure smooth flow of medicines

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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The online market of medicines saw tremendous change during the lockdown. With the medical sector and the healthcare industry becoming the two most affected areas, a major overhaul was needed in the aforementioned sectors, and the change was incorporated in the form of online medicine delivery applications like Pharmeasy and NetMeds. They delivered medicines door to door and thereby ensured faithful customer service options by creating an online medicine delivery system.

What is the need for Building an Online Medicine Delivery App?




Firstly, the global online pharmacies market is expected to reach around $107.53 billion by 2025. Businesses that will be unable to build an online presence in the future will not sustain themselves in the market. With remote purchase and selling becoming the norm, we must utilize the existing functionalities of the online market. The transportation and delivery features of the online market must be utilized to maximize the true potential of the market. Thus, the resources must be tapped into to build an efficient online store that would help deliver medicines right at the consumer's doorstep. With incessant lockdowns, people too developed the habit of purchasing and ordering medications online instead of going to medicine shops and standing in queues.

How to Build an Online Medicine Delivery App?

Before starting work on the app, a Company needs to research the apps that have a presence in the market. The company needs to find hot competitors working in the market and the difficulties they face. Such deep research and analysis will help to find the flaws, and it will help make the app that will have high success in the market. Following steps must be followed if you want to build an efficient online medicine delivery application.

Selecting a Preferred Technology Software

The first step is to select the necessary Application and Technology Software. The applications can be built on platforms like Android, IOS, Mobile Softwares, and Desktop Applications, including different types of web-based services.

Pick the Features

Identify the features you want to incorporate in your online medicine delivery application. For example- you want to integrate features like online tracking and status control of the package while transporting the medicines interstate or intrastate. Under such circumstances, a tracking mechanism would help identify the package's journey pattern, which is the medicine in this case.

Build a Demo Model of Your Application

Demo Models are extremely beneficial in real-world situations. Tutorial and Prototype versions ensure eliminating and ironing out flaws that may have crept into the system while building the application software. For example, while building the online medicine delivery application, you might have incorporated a tracking technology that is not effective enough. Thus while using the demo or prototype version of the app, you can identify this error and eliminate its usage.

Choose Your Timeline

Choosing the timeline for your application is an important criterion. If you want to build an app that would require constant modifications, the procedure to build such an application would involve incorporating the fundamental concepts of application software building. On the other hand, if you want to create a miniature version of the software, you are advised to choose a smaller project timeline to develop the app. It should be then released for public usage, find out the flaws and rectify them.

Practical Usage of the Application

Finally, upon developing the application and releasing it in the market, we must understand how it functions, keeping in mind the existing norms that have been used in designing the application. Once you have built the app, it becomes easy to find out the flaws, eliminate them and incorporate newer features. This would create a better overall system of online medicine delivery, thereby enhancing the market structure.

Features of the Online Medicine Delivery App

While developing the online medicine delivery application, we must understand the core features. It would improve the chances of the application working in the market and enhance the growth of the online medicine delivery market. For example- a feature-driven system of online delivery of medicines would be much more effective than a redundant system of online medicine delivery. It will be much less effective in incorporating essential business features like order tracking, grievance redressal, and return policies. Therefore while building an online medicine delivery application software, we must include the following features:

Customer Profiling

It refers to the process of building customer profiles based on their purchase history. This effectively makes a customer transaction history, thereby helping us identify the loyal customer base of the market structure.

Add Prescription

The Prescription mode would help in the online diagnosis of clinical patients. Once they identify the medicines mentioned in the prescriptions, they will be able to order them online, with the medication arriving at their doorstep within seven days.

Search Optimization

The application must possess search optimization features that would enable identifying keywords, aiding the process of search optimization and research facilities. For example- if the key ingredient of the medicine is known, it will be easy to identify the medicine for the user and order it online. It would involve much less hassle than finding the drug in the online retail medicine store.

Order Tracking Status

Order Tracking is one of the most crucial features added to the application software to ensure its proper usage. It helps identify the order's location and journey once it is placed, thereby allowing the consumers to predict when the medicine will reach their doorstep. Therefore order tracking would help in efficient doorstep delivery of medicines.

Add to cart

This feature usually helps customers to add the items which they are purchasing without completing payment. Whichever things someone is shopping for will be shown on the checkout page. This makes it easier for customers to pay the bill for all the items in a single click. It works as a mediator between payment wallets and e-commerce websites or apps. This feature enhances the buying experience of the customer. This feature is mostly used in all e-commerce websites and apps.

Payment gateway integration

Online shopping has made the facility to provide services starting from purchasing to payments. This feature promotes cashless transactions and makes the experience more convenient and flexible. The role of this feature is to make online transactions safe and secure. Payment gateway features can be decided as per the business model of the business.It should be easy to use and should be customizable. The payment gateway integration feature should be versatile. It should include the following factors: 

Multi-currency support, 

Transaction fees associated with the payment gateway 

Checking the payment gateway asking to fill in limited information

It should not be lengthy and time-consuming.


The times have changed with the onset of the Pandemic. Earlier we did not hear the name Online Market for Medicines since it was still a nascent form of technology. However, with the onset of remote buying and selling, it became imperative that we get to know about the market, how it operates and most importantly we get to know about the advantages of building an application software that would enhance the system of online delivery of medicines. In the future, industries that have a 100% online presence and depend heavily on digital and mobile assets would remain functional while the other industrial elements would become redundant and inoperable.

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