Know all about Telemedicine: A comprehensive guide!

Updated On: February 26, 2023

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Why do people use telemedicine applications? Why do patients and their loved ones require mHealth apps to track their health conditions?

Essentially, telemedicine applications are necessary for numerous reasons like online doctor appointments, fitness, yoga, exercises, and other patient necessities. Patients can locate doctors and medical experts near them for offline consultations with the applications in the market today!

Do you want to know about Telehealth applications? Do you know what they do and how they work? Do you want to understand numerous Telemedicine App types? Well, we have an answer for you!

Let's read this blog and learn every detail about Telemedicine applications. Moreover, we'll get why Telehealth apps and websites are booming every day with their emerging features and customer service.

Are you excited? I am! You can engage in Telemedicine App Development after reading this blog. We'll see about app development at the end too! So, who is in for a journey with us?

Let's start reading!

What is Telemedicine?

Let's understand Telehealth services by considering an example. Imagine a patient visiting a doctor for a stomach ache. They go to the clinic and fix an appointment after waiting in line. 

Further, the doctor checks them and gives them a medical prescription. The patient goes to the nearest medical store and buys the medicine. Finally, they get home, take the prescribed tablets and get well. 

Lengthy and tiring process?

What if the doctor can connect with patients digitally and care for their needs? What if health-related services and information are electronically transferrable for every patient?

Yes, you are right! Telehealth or Telemedicine allows patients to connect with any medical services like doctors, online appointments, medicines, reminders, and others via their digital gadgets from anywhere in the world!

Telemedicine App Types

Do you know about the numerous types of Telehealth services?

A patient today can download any application of these and get any health-related service available online, like, Telemedicine consultation, reminders, yoga postures, weight loss/gain, etc. 

You don't have to go out of your house and visit the medical experts for your needs. 

Here is a list of Telehealth service types available for patients and their loved ones. You can take ideas from these or innovate a new one per user requirements. 

  • Appointment Booking Apps (Online and Offline)
  • Doctor-finding applications (local and regional medical experts)
  • Reminder Apps
  • Yoga and Fitness Apps
  • E-prescriptions applications
  • Food and Diet related applications
  • Integrated wearable applications (smart watches, headbands, etc. )
  • Ambulance applications
  • Medical record safe-keeping applications
  • Medical patient or doctor community applications
  • Patient Management applications
  • Inventory Management Apps
  • Schedule and Calendar Management Apps
  • On-demand medicine delivery applications
  • Patient remote monitoring applications

And others. 

What are the benefits of Telehealth services for patients and doctors? 

Why will patients and doctors start using Telehealth services? Why would a patient want Telemedicine consultation when they can visit the doctor and get a medical checkup? The world is enjoying the advantages of Telehealth, so let's talk about them!

1. Better Patient accessibility

Life of a doctor: They wake up, visit the clinic/hospital, and attend to the patients. How many patients can a doctor see and consult during the day? Can all the patients visit the medical experts?

What if doctors, nurses, medicinal experts, and other specialists had the option of telemedicine consultation?

They can talk with the patients and minimize patient visits to their offices. They can cure the patients in patient's comfort zone! These Telehealth applications will save time and let doctors talk to more patients and prescribe medicine to them in a day!

The patient will get services from their homes without getting up and going to the clinic or hospital! Improving patient accessibility is one of the primary goals of Telehealth applications. 

2. Connect with the doctors anytime

Imagine a patient willing to get a Telemedicine consultation at 2 in the morning. Can the patient's loved ones drive around the city to find 24*7 open medical centers? 

Let me tell you the perfect solution! The patient can download the mHealth application, fix an appointment with the available doctor, and talk to them about their requirements!

The user immediately gets their remedy at all times. Moreover, doctors can close their offices and treat patients from their homes or other places at odd times too!

3. Book online and offline appointments

Imagine a patient facing a minor headache. Do they need to book an offline appointment? Can they talk about their symptoms with medical experts online and get medicines?

Further, let's talk about a patient willing to get an eye-checking appointment. They want to fix an appointment and check their eye number for glasses. 

A Telemedicine App will assist the patients in booking, rescheduling, and canceling online and offline appointments. The patients and their loved ones will only stand in reception lines and wait for the clinic's phone to pick up. They can schedule an appointment with one click!

4. Get medicine delivered at home after appointments

Imagine a patient getting a Telemedicine consultation and driving to their nearest store to buy medicine. Consider the given possibility considering some Telehealth services offer online consultation as their only assistance. 

However, would a customer find it wonderful to get medicines at their homes after a Telemedicine consultation? 

They will have every medical assistance at their home without moving an inch! The application can allow them to upload their prescription and get delivery of their medications anywhere they want!

5. Keep track of Fitness

You learned about Fitness applications in the previous section. Moreover, patients remain fit while keeping their diseases in check and taking the required steps. 

The Telemedicine app will allow users to talk to doctors, order medicine, check medical records, maintain diet plans, take medication on time, and do other significant things from their homes. 

Hence, you'll help patients while generating profits by creating a Telehealth services app!

Features of Telemedicine Applications 

Why will patients and doctors use your Telemedicine applications? You are providing them with healthcare services anywhere. Additionally, you can install features and elements in your mHealth app to attract customers and keep track of their engagement. 

1. Chat and Audio messaging features

A Telehealth services application can allow patients to conversate with doctors 24*7 with chat and audio messages. 

Imagine a customer consulting with the doctor about their fever. Further, the customer faces an issue or a doubt after the consulting conversation. What will they do? Will they schedule another appointment to clarify their doubt?

A Telemedicine app can let the doctors answer the users with text messages or voice after asking critical questions. 

2. Cancel and reschedule appointments

You can think of a situation where the patient schedules a doctor's appointment but faces an emergency with their work or home. How will the patient attend their meeting? 

A Telemedicine application can allow patients and their loved ones to cancel and reschedule appointments whenever required. Moreover, the platform can let doctors change meetings per their schedule and necessities. 

3. Video calling services

A Telemedicine consultation application is only complete with the video calling feature. How will the medical expert or specialist check the patient without seeing them and understanding their problems?

The doctor shall be appointment scheduling and a video call away for every mHealth platform user.

Moreover, sending pictures of scars and medical records shall be admissible and considered during Telemedicine application development!

Search local doctors for offline appointments.

What if the patient wants to visit a doctor for a medical checkup? How will the patient or their companions find the perfect doctor in their locality? The application developers may install features allowing local medical expert tracking to allow users to search specialists, clinics, and hospitals in their neighborhood for appointments and emergencies!

Final Words

You understand the meaning of Telemedicine consultation applications. Moreover, you know the features, types, and reasons why mHealth came into existence. Are you wondering about creating a Telemedicine application for patients and their loved ones?

Do you want to help people connect with their health and stay fit by utilizing the advantages of your online platform? Your decision about initiating a Telehealth services website or application is insightful and inspiring!

If you want assistance starting your Telemedicine app development journey, you know who to contact! You are right. AppsRhino! Tell us about your idea and planning; our team will be here for you! We'll help you through designing, development, and quality assurance testing. 

You can contact AppsRhino, and we'll support you pre and post-launch for your app!

Why are you waiting? Start planning, explore extensively, and contact our team right away! 


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