How long does it usually take for GrubHub to deliver food?

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GrubHub is one of the most popular and preferred food delivery apps today, with over 22 million active users. Also, it generated $1.8 billion in revenue in the year 2020. The same year (2020) witnessed 31.4 million users who used GrubHub's app at least once a month. Despite its popularity, there are numerous rivals, such as DoorDash, UberEats, etc. They perform well and assert that they deliver orders quickly. Makes one wonder which food delivery service to use to satiate their hunger. Here we answer the question, How long does it take for GrubHub to deliver food to people. Besides answering this question, we also mention whether it delivers alcohol or not. And if yes, then what does one need to know before ordering it. There is one more thing called GrubHub Guarantee that you get to enjoy if your order arrives late or you find your order at a lower price than GrubHub's. So stick around to know more!


What is GrubHub?

  1. GrubHub is a delivery company.
  2. It has 300000 restaurants.
  3. It serves 3200 cities in the USA.
  4. It provides people with the facility to order their favorite food from the restaurant of their choice.

How can a consumer use GrubHub?

  1. One can use its app or online website.
  2. A person needs to create an account first.

How do GrubHub customers pay for their orders?

  1. All major credit cards are allowed.
  2. Users also use GrubHub's gift cards and coupons.

Does GrubHub deliver Alcohol?

  • Yes, if your state allows it. You need to produce an ID card for the delivery guy to verify your identity and pass the intoxication test.

How long does it usually take for GrubHub to deliver food?

  • The delivery depends on the distance between you and the restaurant, their booking, availability of drivers, and traffic. The approximate delivery time is 50 minutes. However, the time can vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

What is GrubHub Guarantee?

  • This promotion gives you a discount on your next order if it arrives late or you find the same order at a cheaper rate from one of its rivals.

What is GrubHub?

GrubHub is a delivery company having 300000 restaurants and spanning across 3200 cities in the USA. The company provides people with the facility to order their favorite food from the restaurant of their choice. The onus to deliver food to people in real-time is on the company, and it manages to do it well. Besides serving the USA, it has also expanded its business overseas. GrubHub is a top-rated delivery company with 22 million active users, and it also processes 500000 orders on average daily. It has numerous other delivery services under it and acts as a parent company to the following:

  1. Seamless
  2. Allmenus
  3. LevelUp
  4. MenuPages

How can a consumer use GrubHub?

A person needs to go to GrubHub's online website or use its mobile app to use its food delivery services. Both Android and iOS users can use the app as it is available to both groups. Whichever way you choose, you first need to create an account. Then proceed to browse the numerous restaurants in your neighborhood that have collaborated with GrubHub. After you select a restaurant, you place an order with GrubHub, and it sends its delivery guy to collect your food and bring it to your house. These drivers are not with GrubHub; they are independent contractors.

How do GrubHub customers pay for their orders?

Another thing that concerns users is the modes of payment. The best part of being a GrubHub customer is that you get a wide array of payment options. Users can pay through all major credit cards and even the following things:

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Discover
  4. American Express

It also accepts GrubHub's gift cards, Android Pay, Venmo, Apple pay, Amex Express Checkout, and PayPal. If you are one of those who prefer to pay with cash, you need to know that only a handful of restaurants accept payments made with cash.

Alcohol Delivery App: Does GrubHub deliver Alcohol?

Some people might be curious to know whether GrubHub delivers alcohol. There is good news for such people because GrubHub indeed accepts alcohol orders. One can order with only alcohol or food and alcohol together. Therefore, GrubHub is both; a food delivery app and an alcohol delivery app.

Alcohol Delivery App: Alcohol Delivery Rules

There are specific rules for ordering and receiving alcohol orders from GrubHub. And knowing about them is essential for those who love to have alcohol with their food. When you order food and alcohol together, they pack them separately. The merchant does so because it lets the delivery guy leave your food order with you, even if he can not leave the alcohol order with you for some reason.

Alcohol Delivery App: Alcohol Delivery Charges

There are alcohol delivery app fees, just like the food delivery app. These are similar to GrubHub costs with markups and feed. It implies that alcohol is costlier than buying it on-site. Although having coupons, gift cards, or cash can let you have lessened the total charge of delivery.

Alcohol Delivery App: How does GrubHub conduct customer verification?

One needs to know a few things if one wants to use GrubHub to satiate their alcohol cravings. First of all, the user should be over 21 years to be eligible to obtain alcohol. Moreover, the user should not be intoxicated at the order delivery time. You need to produce a valid ID card for the delivery guy to match your said age with the one according to the ID. The delivery guy will check the card for its originality and see whether or not you are the person on the ID card. Your weight, makeup, and hair are not the deciding factors for the matching process. They check your eyes, height, ear, and nose with the picture on the ID card. Once you offer your ID card, the delivery guy will examine whether or not you are intoxicated at the order delivery time. There are a few parameters on which they determine whether you are sober or not.

  1. Clumsiness, staggering, unsteady gait of the customer.
  2. Exhibiting poor coordination and slowed reflexes.
  3. Having diminished reaction times.
  4. Having bloodshot eyes.
  5. Incoherent speech patterns.
  6. The odor of alcohol on the breath.
  7. Poor judgment coupled with risky behavior.
  8. Forgetting things at the time of receiving the order.
  9. Exaggerated emotion, getting excited or aggressive with the delivery guy.
  10. Untidy clothing and poor personal hygiene.
  11. Flushed cheeks with a sweaty body.

Once you pass both tests, you get to keep your alcohol order.

Alcohol Delivery App: Availability

A few states in the USA have allowed alcohol delivery by GrubHub. Therefore, if you live in any of the following states, you can use GrubHub's services to obtain alcohol without stepping out of your house.

  1. Arizona
  2. California
  3. Cook County, Illinois
  4. Minnesota
  5. Florida
  6. Michigan
  7. New York state
  8. Oregon
  9. Virginia
  10. Washington DC

GrubHub Customer Service: How long does it usually take for GrubHub to deliver food?

There are a few factors on which the time depends. So to answer this question precisely, how long does GrubHub take to deliver food is illogical. However, one can present an estimate of the same. The first factor here is the distance between your house and the restaurant of your choice. The second most important factor is the time required by the restaurant to prepare your food order. The time they need is also unpredictable, owing to how busy your area is at that time. Then their speed also plays a pivotal factor in deciding the average time of order delivery. Besides this, the last factor depends on the driver's pace as to how long it takes him to reach the restaurant and deliver it to your doorsteps. The average order delivery time in the case of GrubHub is 50 minutes. It can change to 40 minutes or 60, depending on the traffic on the way, restaurant booking, drivers' availability, etc. If you order food from restaurants closer to you, you can expect to receive your orders sooner than these estimates. Therefore, the average time varies from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on your location, the restaurant's location, and various other factors, as mentioned above.

GrubHub Customer Service: Until when can a person order from GrubHub?

GrubHub says that its availability depends on the working hours of restaurants available in your locality. Therefore if the restaurants open in your neighborhood run round the clock, you can expect to use GrubHub's services anytime you desire. On the other hand, if restaurants in your area work only until midnight, you can not order food and alcohol from GrubHub after midnight.

GrubHub Customer Service: What is GrubHub Guarantee?

GrubHub wants its users to have the best price on their meals. For this reason, it has launched GrubHub Guarantee. If a user finds a better price with one of its rivals, they receive a GrubHub Guarantee perk for the gap between the costs up to $10 off their next order. The rivals should be one of the following:

  1. Doordash
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Postmates Also, there is another provision where if your order arrives late, you will receive a GrubHub Guarantee Perk. You can use it on your next food/ alcohol order. There are a few conditions. We list them below:
  4. GrubHub reviews orders placed within the last seven days.
  5. Pickup orders are not qualified for an on-time guarantee.
  6. Orders qualifying for a total or partial refund do not qualify for the lowest price guarantee.
  7. Group orders are not eligible for this promotion. You can find the rest of the rules on GrubHub's website.


GrubHub is your go-to food delivery app that strives to deliver food to your doorsteps instantly. To attract the public's attention, it has rolled out various promotions such as GrubHub Guarantee. It lets people get off their next orders if their claim on order delivery meets certain conditions. So, if you are someone with no time to cook, you can start using this app. On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur who plans to launch a delivery service company, you can learn a few things from GrubHub. The responsibility to develop a stellar food/ alcohol delivery app is on AppsRhino. Contact us today!

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