How to Build a Food Delivery App for a Restaurant

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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Are you struggling to develop a food delivery app for your restaurant? Can't figure out how to create a good user experience like the top food apps in the market? 

Well then, let's get you some answers real quick. A food delivery app is one of the best ways to generate more revenue and reach more people. 

The market can benefit from an authentic restaurant that provides food at reasonable prices and cares for its consumers. Numerous third-party food delivery apps charge a hefty fee to consumers. Also, these apps are not available in most locations.

With your app, you can control the user experience, give customized discount offers, get insights into user preferences, etc. However, it would help if you had a professional and dedicated team to help you to build a robust and engaging app.

It is challenging to find good people when the market presents with so many developers. In this blog, you will learn about everything that makes a food delivery app the best in the market.

Features of Restaurant Food Delivery App - User Panel

Sign up & Profile Management

Your restaurant food delivery app should offer easy signup and registration. Also, ensure that your registration step asks for all the relevant information like their name, address, phone number, etc.

Moreover, you can also allow registering via social networks to give them an easier way to signup.


It lets your food delivery app customers track the delivery guy's current location. Also, it helps users to find your restaurant location.

Delivery Address

You would like to include this feature in your restaurant food delivery app. It helps you find out the user's current location. It helps you know where they are when they are not at their usual address. You would need to let users add multiple addresses to use this feature.

Payment Mode

Today, people like to make payments without using cash. Therefore, you would like to add multiple payment modes like eWallets, Debit/Credit Cards, and Rewards Points to attract them to use your restaurant. However, it would be best if you offered cash on delivery for those who are still not comfortable with online mode.

Order Scheduling 

This restaurant food delivery feature will let customers order food and receive it later. The feature is a must-have since it deals with the unavailability of food by ordering it before dining.

Review & Rating

Your restaurant food delivery app should let users review and rate your services. This move helps you build credibility by correcting your services. Also, users would like it when you reply to their negative reviews/ complaints. This act of responding to their queries makes them want to use your services.

Order History

Another must-have feature for food delivery apps for restaurants is ORDER HISTORY. This food delivery app feature lets users quickly view and order their previous orders. Someone who likes to eat a particular dish will use your app and services if you offer this feature.

Push Notifications 

This food delivery app feature helps you convey to users the new discounts, offers, coupons, etc. 

Real-time tracking 

This food delivery app feature enables customers to track their order status.

Promos & Coupons

This food delivery app feature shows customers all the available promotional offers, discounts, etc.

Help & Customer Support

The restaurant food delivery app (USER PANEL) is Help and Customer Support. It lets users ask their queries regarding your app's working or order-related questions.

Features of Restaurant Food Delivery App - Restaurant Owners

One-click Dashboard 

Restaurants can use the dashboard to manage the entire backend operation. This food delivery app feature lets you see the list of placed orders, manage your inventory, and control other business activities.

Manage Customers

This food delivery app feature lets you add or remove users or change their active status. Also, you would be able to see all their information like their contact details, address, etc.

Payment Management

This restaurant food delivery app allows you to view and manage all the transactions that have taken place in the app. You can also manage tax and commission-related tasks using the app.

Order Management

This food delivery app feature lets you manage the received orders, their status, total amount earned, etc.

Driver Management

This food delivery app feature gives you all necessary information related to drivers, like their contact information, trip details, availability, and login time.

Reset Passwords

This food delivery app feature allows you to change your drivers' and customers' passwords. It also helps you maintain their information database.

Campaign Management

Your restaurant food delivery app should have a facility to plan and run SMS, email, and Social Media marketing campaigns to attract and sustain customers.

Plan Discounts & Promotions

 This food delivery app feature allows you to add or run promotional offers or discounts to attract people. 

Feedback Management 

This feature allows you to view customers' ratings and reviews and check their feedback.

Push Notifications 

This food delivery app feature gives admins the notifications of the emails, orders delivered, and orders accepted by drivers.

Reporting and Analytics 

Restaurant owners can obtain actionable insights to manage the business effectively by leveraging real-time analytics. The data derived from this help you boost sales and enhance user experience. You can even run customized discounts and offerings after analyzing the customer data.

Restaurant Profile & Add Products

This food delivery app feature lets restaurant owners add and update their food listings and prices and make them available for ordering based on availability. Restaurant owners can even aff products using the app.

Accept & reject orders.

This food delivery app feature lets you accept or refuse orders.


You can use this food delivery app feature to receive or transfer money.

Order Alerts 

This food delivery app feature lets you receive notifications of placed orders in real-time.

Order Reports 

It helps restaurants get real-time information about their business performance. This business performance report is helpful to them as it helps improve their services.

Customer Support 

This food delivery app feature lets you address order or restaurant-related issues with the customer support feature. 

Reject Order 

This food delivery app feature lets you reject an order when a user orders an unavailable food item. 

Features of Restaurant Food Delivery App For Staff


 This food delivery app feature lets drivers register on the app. It would help if you verified your drivers to ensure the safety and security of the overall process.


This feature assigns the delivery boy order requests.

Delivery History

This food delivery app feature lets the delivery guy track their deliveries and payment for each delivery.

Call/Chat option

It allows the delivery boy to contact the customer when they face any issue in locating customers' addresses.

Online support

This food delivery app feature lets the delivery agent communicate with the app support team.

Managing Orders

The delivery person can receive order requests and accept or reject orders with the help of this feature.

Status Update

This food delivery app feature lets the delivery person update the delivery status.

How much will it cost to build a food delivery app for your restaurant?

The cost of developing a restaurant food delivery app depends on the feature integration and the size of your application. Also, the type of a restaurant food delivery app influences the cost of development.

Besides the development cost, you would need to spend money on employee training, infrastructure setup, etc. In addition to it, the initial setup cost is also extremely high. 

Further, the time to build a restaurant food delivery app depends on the following things:

  • Design
  • Features
  • Platforms
  • Backend infrastructure

It might take three months to complete a simple restaurant food delivery app flaunting a menu, geolocation, push notifications, reviews, commenting, and social sharing. On the other hand, a complex restaurant food delivery app will take around a year to complete.

Furthermore, the cost of developing a restaurant food delivery app depends on the team you have chosen to create the app. And we at AppsRhino are the best people to hire for your app development.

Why should you hire AppsRhino to develop your restaurant food delivery app?

Dynamic Pricing 

AppsRhino offers you flexible pricing plans and the ideal balance between innovation and investment. Also, you can decide between SaaS and Custom Solution.

Diverse Market Expertise 

We have gained experience, and it has taken us across the globe, empowering diverse business models and markets. We have contributed to the growth and stability of various startups and Enterprises.

Unmatched Support 

AppsRhino offers its clients all the support and guidance they require. We are with you during both pre and post-launch.


We provide ideal and excellent solutions, ranging from SaaS to a total custom solution, from an early stage of being a startup to the establishing point of an Enterprise.

AppsRhino Development Process


We at AppsRhino consider many use cases while working on your idea and create user stories understanding the impact of each sharing recommendation. Our designers work to get terrific wireframes and clickable prototypes using these user stories.

Quality Assurance

AppsRhino thoroughly tests the final product before launch, even after performing unit testing at each stage. We ensure all use cases are working correctly and the app is bug-free before going live.

UX/UI Design

Our highly creative designers keep the user stories in mind as they work to get dazzling wireframes and clickable prototypes.


AppsRhino makes sure that your app follows all the guidelines of the App Store and deploys your app to both the App Store and Playstore in one go.


Scalable architecturé guarantees top-quality performance and keeps the system crash-free. AppsRhino religiously follows code structures and database designs.


AppsRhino makes sure that our clients focus on operations and marketing. As technical partners, we focus on keeping the solution and user experience as smooth as possible.

First Release and Unit Testing

AppsRhino provides the first release within a few days/weeks after approval of designs. We ensure that the system has minimal or no bugs with unit testing when we reach the launch stage.


AppsRhino incorporates customers feedback to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our every iteration is a product of development and feedback.


Today, around 45% of consumers say they order food more often if the restaurant offers an online ordering option on their website or mobile apps. Also, a study revealed that approximately 50% of smartphone users have at least one restaurant app installed. 

Restaurants with a food delivery app can generate more revenue from push notifications alone. A survey states that 90% of users open all of their notifications. With a bit of creativity, you can do wonders for your business.

This guide will remind you of everything you must add to your app to provide a great experience. You needn't go very far; AppsRhino has built successful and robust apps in the field of On-Demand apps. Check out our Portfolio here!

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