The Step by Step Guide for Developing a Food Delivery App

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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Has your restaurant witnessed an influx of customers and telephonic orders? Do you find yourself falling prey to human-induced errors while writing down orders received via the telephone? Are you afraid that this will tarnish your brand’s reputation?

We know all these questions and concerns are valid today when people do not even think twice when hopping on to the next option over the slightest discomfort. And a solution that will help you attain, retain and manage customers is a food delivery app.

Developing a food delivery app is not an uphill task. However, one should not handle it carelessly, as one mistake and a buggy app can repel your users.

Since you or anyone who owns a food establishment will not write the entire code of your food delivery app, you might wonder, “Why should I even need to know about food delivery app development?”

Yes, your chosen app development company is indeed the one that will be handling all the technical aspects of your app. But there are a few things you must know beforehand in order to convey your visions and expectations to your developers.

Do you want to get a flawless food delivery app? If yes, dive into this food delivery app development guide!

What are the steps for developing a food delivery app 2022?

Developing a food delivery app involves various steps, which we list below.

Step 1: Research and Niche Analysis

Research and Niche Analysis

When you decide to develop a food delivery app, the first thing you must undertake is research and market analysis.

Here, you should learn from your peers, know their strengths and weaknesses, and find solutions to combat those weaknesses. Doing so will empower you to develop an excellent food delivery app quickly and efficiently.

You can hire a professional if you lack expertise in research and analysis.

Step 2: Determine your business model

Some of these apps belong to restaurant owners, while others just act as media for restaurants and customers to contact and are generally owned by someone else.

Several business models exist, which we list below:

  1. The Aggregator model
  2. The Order and Delivery model
  3. The Integrated Model
  4. The Inventory Model

Before you do anything, you must know which business model aligns with your business and start working accordingly. 

Step 3: Monetize your app

One way is to charge your customers a decent fee for home deliveries. The second way is by giving other businesses your platform to advertise their brand. For instance, you can let a shoe business owner run their ad somewhere on your app screen while people order meals.

Step 4: Choose your app functionality

You must write down all the features, functionalities, and APIs you want your app to have. Once you know the answer to these questions, you will have smooth sailing.

Client’s App

  1. The profile creation and management  procedure should be simple. 
  2. Your app should also let customers review, rate, and submit their feedback to the platform regarding their experience.
  3. In-app calls and chats are indispensable as these let customers contact you and delivery agents regarding their orders.
  4. The easier you make it for your customers to make payments, the better their user experience will be. You should add numerous payment options, such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc., to your food delivery app.

Restaurant’s App

  1. You should have an app that lets you track order status & contact customers and delivery agents regarding orders’ delivery status.
  2. You must also add the analytics feature as it lets you gain insights into your customer behavior and preferences.
  3. The special offers functionality is also crucial to a food delivery app to lure people into using your app.
  4. You must also add the feature “Manage profiles,” “Control prices,” “Manage advertisements,” etc., to your food delivery app.

Delivery Agent’s App

Delivery agent’s App
  1. The sign-up feature is essential as it lets drivers create profiles and add personal data such as certificates and other documents, name, contact number, location, language preference, etc.
  2. The “Manage orders” and “Update Status” feature let delivery agents manage and update the delivery process.
  3. The app for couriers should let them contact restaurant owners and customers for any queries.
  4. Your food delivery app should also have an Account History to showcase delivery agents’ experience.

Step 5: Commence the food delivery app development

Once you have figured out your app requirements, the only thing left is its execution. And for executing food delivery app development, you will need a skilled app development company.

Here we list the general stages related to any app development procedure.


Your chosen app development company will build user flow logic and app screens based on your requirements.

UI/UX design

The User Interface and the User Experience design phases revolve around your food delivery app’s interfaces and the incorporation of your app’s functionality.


In this phase, your developers assemble everything and create the actual app.

Testing and publishing

Once your food delivery app is ready, it requires assessment and testing to check whether its functionality is fault-tolerant and whether the app works seamlessly.

Step 6: Choose a tech stack for your food delivery app

You can select a tech stack for your food delivery app development only when you know what functionality you want your app to have. Hence, you can easily choose a tech stack once you know the features and functionalities you want the app to have.

Step 7: Estimate your app development expenditure

It is impossible to estimate your Food Delivery App development cost without actually commencing the procedure. There are several factors on which the cost of app development depends, and one of them is the app development company that you have selected.

Another thing that determines the cost of the food delivery app development is the complexity of your app. The more sophisticated you desire your app to be, the more expensive it will be to develop.

What are the challenges that one faces while building a food delivery app?

No task comes without its share of challenges. The same is the case with food delivery app development. Therefore, we list some of the difficulties that may come your way:

1. App’s Reliability and Scalability

A food delivery app is complex in nature as it has to perform several tasks at the same time. Are you wondering what these tasks are?

A food delivery app has to run back-end programs to successfully process personal data, execute security features, carry out crucial financial transactions, etc. 

Thus, you must ensure that your chosen app development company takes care of the technological aspect of your app while keeping the app user-friendly.

2. Intense Competition

Like you, every other restaurant owner also thought about getting a food delivery app for their business. Since there are several such apps now, you got to ensure that your app stands out from the rest.

Thus, marketing your app well and targeting the right audience by telling them how you are different from your competitors is a task you need to accomplish.

3. Search for the right delivery personnel 

Your priority should be collaborating with the right courier to provide excellent customer service. However, finding the right ones is an uphill task.

You can make a list of reputable couriers whom you think can solve your problems.

4. Retaining Users

Retaining Users

Attracting users is not a big problem. However, retaining them for good is a challenge that several food delivery services fail to tackle successfully.

You make them stay by providing an elegant user experience and an easy-to-use user interface loaded with advanced features and convenient ordering procedures.


Now that you know the various steps concerning Food Delivery App development, you might ask, “What is next now?”

And the answer to this query is that you must begin your hunt for a professional app development company. And AppsRhino is one of them! 

AppsRhino is a reputed app development company that knows how to live up to the expectations of its clients through its sheer hard work and dedication.

When you hire AppsRhino as your development partner, you will not need to fret about your app development. As soon as you come to us, the onus of the app’s technical aspect falls on us, letting you focus on its marketing and other strategies.

If you want to taste success by launching a food delivery app to manage your business better, contact AppsRhino today!


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