7 Reasons why a Grocery Delivery App is necessary for your Offline Store

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic are not hidden from anyone. The businesses now have first-hand experience in how things fall apart when a crisis like this hits the world. During the lockdown, people didn't stop shopping for groceries; what they couldn't do was visit the offline grocery stores and shop for their needs. Shops were closed, but apps were functional 24X7. The businesses with a dedicated grocery delivery app could still breathe and survive the covid wave, but the ones who relied on their offline store had to wait for the unlock.

A Grocery delivery app is required if you want to cater to a significant niche in your industry. The contemporary era is one of digitalization, with everyone using a cell phone to improve their lifestyle. Mobile phones are no longer just a device for making calls and playing games; they are now a part of their commercial lives.

According to US online grocery shopping figures, total digital grocery sales in the US reached 23.9 billion in 2018 and are predicted to expand to $59.5 billion by 2023. These figures represent a 149 percent gain in digital grocery sales in the United States, which is impressive for only five years.

These figures look promising, right? Let's discuss in depth why a grocery delivery app is necessary for your offline store.

Why should you invest in a Grocery Delivery App?

Before the internet, we had to go to our local stores to get groceries. Things have changed dramatically since then.

Because of hectic lifestyles, an increasing number of people purchase their weekly groceries through a grocery delivery app of their choice, as evidenced by the online shopping statistics we examined. It is no surprise, given the delivery cost to your home.

So, how widespread is internet grocery buying nowadays? After poring over all of the online grocery shopping statistics we could discover, the explanation appears simple. To get things started, here are some interesting statistics about the online grocery sector.

  1. Online grocery sales in the United States are predicted to reach $147.51 billion in 2022, driven by 143.6 million digital grocery shoppers across the country.
  2. This sales figure represents a 20.5 percent yearly rise over the previous year, the third-highest growth rate predicted from 2019 through 2025. The highest annual increase occurred in 2020 when the online grocery market in the United States increased by 63.9 percent yearly.
  3. Looking ahead, online grocery sales in the United States are predicted to expand at a slower rate of roughly 18 percent each year from 2023 to 2025.
  4. Similarly, the number of digital grocery shoppers in the United States will likely grow in the coming years. We expect it to reach 147.8 million in 2023 before increasing to 151.5 million in 2024, surpassing 150 million barriers for the first time.
  5. According to these online grocery sales estimates, the market is expected to nearly quadruple from 2019 to 2025, with a $177.17 billion growth in just six years.

Looking at the stats above, don't you think a grocery delivery app would rather be a wise thing to invest in? We do! You need a grocery delivery app to maximize your business's profit. Let's move forward and have a look at grocery delivery app pros.

7 Reasons why a Grocery Delivery App is necessary for your Offline Store

After looking at the market stats, we are sure you want a grocery delivery app for your business. But you are still in doubt if it would be worth it. Don't worry! We have listed the top grocery delivery app pros for you to decide if or not these apps are worth your time and money. 

Portray yourself as a brand

It will not be a lie if we say all business owners get wild and amazing dreams when they first start their business. Who doesn't want their business to be among the top performers? Who doesn't dream of being recognized as a brand? 

With a grocery delivery app, you can get a platform to put your business on a pedestal and push it up with every development. An on-demand grocery delivery app provides 24-hour availability, allowing you to accept orders anytime. Furthermore, consumers can receive in-app notifications that keep them updated on deliveries.

All these features will assist you in providing excellent convenience to your customers, eventually establishing a favorable image of your company in their minds. 

Be suitable for all; track customer behavior.

To comprehend buyer behavior, you must first understand your clients' purchasing decision-making process. Businesses use different methods to make purchases, influenced by cultural, social, individual, and psychological variables. A thorough examination of the aspects mentioned above can assist you in developing more effective personalization techniques.

A grocery delivery app is a beautiful method to offer attractive discounts and promotions to both existing and new consumers. You may gain new clients while also retaining existing ones in this manner.

To market your online grocery business, use in-app alerts. You may also share your app URLs with your present and future clients. 

Manage your business efficiently.

The on-demand grocery delivery app includes a fully-featured Admin Panel that allows the grocery delivery business admin to manage the day-to-day operations and stocks of the business.

Furthermore, the Admin Panel can provide critical metrics and statistics that will assist you in running your grocery delivery business smoothly.

The grocery delivery app also allows you to establish stock notifications to organize them quickly. Aside from that, you may easily control the various grocery stock statuses, which makes it one of the top grocery delivery app pros.

Reports are prepared automatically for in-depth analysis.

With an online grocery delivery app, you can acquire critical and actionable business insights that you can use to make critical business decisions. These insights include information about customers' products most frequently sold or favored.

The daily activity report offers the administrator a full monthly company summary, allowing them to plan better tactics for the coming year. In addition, a grocery delivery app displays current delivery concerns and operating areas that need improvement.

Provide Payment Options to choose from

Customers using online grocery delivery apps can access various payment methods unavailable in traditional stores. Customers frequently complain about forgetting their credit card or cell phone and then going credit shopping. Furthermore, credit shopping is not favorable when growing your business.

It can decrease corporate production because your company lacks cash relative to the things sold. Tracking each customer's pending collection amount might lead to numerous errors and misunderstandings.

On the other hand, the online grocery delivery app can assist your business with regular payments because the app will not enable clients to check out until the payment method is selected and successfully initiated. 

Access to an extensive product catalog

Customers can use a 'Smart Search' feature on an on-demand grocery delivery app. This tool allows customers to find the supermarket goods they want by using extensive filtering and sorting options.

You may make ordering more convenient by providing these services to your clients. It will eventually establish a favorable impression of your company in their thoughts. 

Oversee your delivery drivers

Real-time order tracking is one of the most critical aspects of an on-demand grocery delivery app. It allows owners to watch and oversee their business and driving personnel. This feature will enable you to organize your shopping deliveries better, making it one of the prominent grocery delivery app pros.

Aside from that, you can use the order tracking feature of an on-demand grocery home delivery system to see where your driver has been and what he is doing at the time. Furthermore, you can use this functionality to substantially reduce idle time by assigning them the appropriate quantity of orders.

All in All

An on-demand grocery delivery app can help you seamlessly manage your business and increase visibility. You may attract new customers, and retention rates of the old ones also multiply. Assessing all the online grocery market statistics, we can comfortably say that this trend is here to live, and more than half of the world's population will adapt to it sooner. 

If the world has learned anything during the pandemic, one should always be ready for the worst-case scenarios. Precaution is better than cure. We are not suggesting that something terrible would come up, but what's the harm in investing in something that would benefit you dearly? 

Now is the right time to invest in an on-demand grocery delivery app and make a wise choice for your business. All you need is a companion by your side, and guess what? We are here for you! AppsRhino is an on-demand app development company. We provide the best solution to your app requirements and deliver it on time while efficiently managing the cost and quality. Contact us today and kickstart your online journey!

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