7 Ways An Offshore Development Center Can Help Your Company In India

Updated On: March 6, 2023

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Modern technology has fully consumed our lives, which offers rapid fixes for even the most minor issues. 

Today, we see a rush of organizations striving to establish themselves in the cutthroat IT industry. There is no question that the IT industry has developed tremendously over time. As the number of digital start-ups rises, the competition is getting fierce, operational costs are steadily increasing, and expertise is getting harder to come by.

Various multinational enterprises are resorting to offshore software development facilities to compete in the competitive market.

But how can an Indian company benefit from the specialized offshore development center?

This article will break down and explain offshoring, the advantages and disadvantages of establishing an offshore development center in India, and how an offshore development center may benefit your business in India.

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What is an Offshore Development Center?

Offshore development is establishing a new office in a different country to develop software.

These companies then hire a specialized software development team. They are full-time workers but are stationed abroad and don't work locally. Reduced operational costs, a large talent pool, and the capacity to scale quickly enable them to increase production and enhance their technical proficiency without undue hardship, expense, or hassle.

For example, Bangalore, a reputable destination for establishing an offshore development center, is home to R&D centers for IT behemoths like Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

7 Ways an Offshore Development Center can help your company in India

An Indian company can benefit from an offshore software development center in several ways. Some of them are:

1. Reduced Expense

There are offshore development centers in countries with cheaper costs of living. Through this arrangement, they can maximize sales or move the main focus to other products while minimizing costs on items like labor and material.

2. Lower-cost Facilities

Businesses benefit from setting up an offshore development center in a low-tax environment regarding sales and credibility. In addition to this benefit, establishing an offshore software development center in these areas lowers interest, office rent, and maintenance costs. These firms will not charge their clientele much since their low operating costs.

3. Expand the market internationally

Due to its presence in another country's market, an offshore development center frequently finds itself closer to its clients. They also boost their sales volume and prestige and improve their knowledge of their client's needs. Indian companies can anticipate reasonable rates when hiring programmers and developers because they have lower operating costs.

4. A Sizable Crew with a wide range of capabilities

With the aid of Vendors, the owner of an offshore development center can quickly assemble a large workforce. They can assist in providing a coworking space where all the project managers, quality assurance specialists, developers, and marketing experts can work on the owner's employee branding. 

5. Availability of the Talent Pool

Working at an offshore development center, which is similar to working at a foreign company's office, is something that many qualified job seekers agree to do. As a result, it allows clients of offshore development centers to employ the top professionals in that nation.

6. Enhancing Discretion

An offshore development center makes working on clients' projects simpler because teams there can concurrently work on many different projects. Furthermore, one typically requests that their offshore development center have a distinct office for their team.

7. Localization of products

As many of the developers employed by offshore development centers are locals, they have a greater understanding of the environment in India. As a result, they may assist your chosen offshore development center in understanding what locals would anticipate from the thing they have been entrusted with developing.

Pros and Cons of setting up an Offshore Development Center in India

It is ideal for an offshore development center to be located in India. For its competitive pricing and superior software solutions, the Indian IT industry is well-known on a global scale.

According to OurStockPick, India presently owns a market share of 56%, the greatest amount ever gauged in the global market for outsourcing services. 

However, one should know a few benefits and drawbacks before outsourcing to India.


1. A Wide Range of Talent

Thanks to its vast talent pool, India is the most reputable outsourcing hub, which is also a significant factor in the nation's dominance in custom software development.

2. Zero Communication Barrier

With almost 125 million English speakers, India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. Offshore development in India automatically removes communication barriers.

3. Lower Costs

Companies who outsource software development to India might gain from economies of scale thanks to the lower cost, which gives them a competitive advantage.

4. Excellent Product Quality

Due to intense domestic and international competition, India's top software development companies consistently provide the finest quality development services.


1. Different Time Zones

The time zone difference harms the productivity of employees. Developers should be aware of the time zone when the boss assigns assignments to them.

2. Cultural Barriers

The importance of cultural factors in collaboration cannot be overstated. People from various backgrounds develop various mindsets and attitudes toward responsibility and labor. This might lead to unwanted aggravations or even unforeseen conflicts.

3. Security Hazards

Information leakage is a potential concern when using offshore development services and can compromise security. Developers need sensitive information such as customer data, code, and workflows to comprehend the complete system and take on initiatives.

Best Offshore Development Companies in India

While the pandemic may have reduced the economic growth of some businesses, it undoubtedly boosted the amount of software development work that was outsourced to countries like India.

Let's explore some well-known Indian companies that provide an offshore development center:

  • Clarion Technologies
  • Tatva soft
  • IndiaNIC
  • Unified Infotech
  • Iflexion
  • Spec India
  • Experion

Statistics to Consider while Outsourcing to India

The following statistics demonstrate why India is the finest offshore development center in the world:

  • In a recent study by Deloitte, 59% of the companies surveyed said they were currently outsourcing to India, while another 22% said they were considering doing so.
  • Every year, 1.5 million new engineers graduate from engineering programs in India.
  • More than 4 million IT experts are directly employed by Indian IT companies, while another 10 million are employed indirectly.
  • Since over 200,000 IT graduates are hired into the IT field each year, India has the youngest employable population worldwide.
  • Over 40% of IT employees will obtain training in the in-demand technology stack over the next four years to satisfy the complex demands of the industry.


Establishing an offshore development center eliminates the burden of setting up the infrastructure, hiring and supervising a team, and managing administrative tasks-like handling legal, financial, and other overheads.

Providing trustworthy offshore development services to help companies enhance their goods, reduce costs, offer high-quality services, and supply top-notch solutions with remote developers.

One of India's significant benefits of developing an offshore development center is its cost-effectiveness.

An Indian company needs to choose an offshore development center because they assist in overcoming the difficulties that these businesses encounter while trying to find developers and programmers.

By leveraging the unmatched blend of technology, innovation, and expertise, one can expand their company's capabilities by setting up an offshore development center in India!


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