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Updated On: February 10, 2023

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Are you looking for health services online? There are times when you can not go out for medical services. You may want medical services from home. What if we told you Healthcare Apps are solutions to all your medical needs? As per the compound annual growth rate, the revenue value of Healthcare apps was $40 billion in 2020. With the advancement of technology and people wanting services from their homes, Healthcare apps have evolved and have been gaining consideration and success in the market! With the help of healthcare apps, you can consult doctors, book physical appointments, order medicines, and get tests and reports at home. All you need to do is book a video call appointment, get a prescription, and order medicines whenever you want. The idea of getting access to all health services from home seems agreeable, right? Various types of Healthcare Apps exist in the market. Fitness Apps, period trackers, medicine delivery, and other such apps exist in the market. You may download any Healthcare App that meets your requirements.

What are Healthcare Apps- An Overview

You may count any application that provides healthcare and medical services through an application as Healthcare App. Have you ever heard of Mobile Health? Mobile Health or mHealth refers to the health services that companies provide online through digital devices. (Like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.) Healthcare Apps can provide a substantial contribution to the mHealth industry! Healthcare Apps can provide some of these services to their users. 

1. Nutrition and diet 

2. Weight gain/loss help and exercise 

3. Steps Tracker 

4. Doctor consultation 

5. Medicine purchase 

6. Tests booking 

7. Online Test reports 

8. Doctor appointment booking There are many other industries that Healthcare Apps cover. Healthcare Apps are the ultimate solutions if you need medical help online. According to a report by Statista, 85% of the Healthcare Apps are free to download and use for the customers. Therefore, you have free access to these applications. You have to pay for the services you use.

Healthcare Apps Types- A detailed outlook

Can you find one Healthcare App for all your needs? The answer is no. You may have to look for different Healthcare App Types for contrasting services. Some apps may provide you with the integration of multiple health services. You should know about Healthcare App types, so you do not miss anything. 

Reminder Apps

Imagine you have a cold. You consult a doctor who gives you the necessary medication. The medicines include some tablets and cough syrup that you must take every morning and evening for a week. You get busy with your work and forget to take your medication. What will happen? It would take more time to heal than it usually does. Situations like this may arise when a patient has chronic diseases. You cannot risk forgetting about medicines. These healthcare apps remind you to take your medication on time through a preset alarm or notification. You may even set the name, type, dose, and time of the medicine you must take. Such applications are a great help to patients. You can keep track of your progress by having this Healthcare App type. For Example, Todioist, nTask, Rembo, etc. 

Fitness Tracking Apps

 If you wish to make fitness a daily routine, you can download a Fitness tracking app for yourself! Several Fitness Tracking apps include step counting, exercise schedules, and weight gaining or losing exercises. For some apps, you may even get live Zumba or yoga lessons. This Healthcare app type may also have motivational speeches and quotes to inspire you to be healthy. For Example, MyFitnessPal, Glo, Sworkit, etc. 

Medical Consultation Apps

During the COVID-19 pandemic, no one wanted to visit doctors for minor medical consultations or regular health checkups. There was an increase in online medical consultation in these times. You can connect to doctors through Medical Consultation Apps via voice, video, or audio chats. The doctors listen to your problems and provide prescriptions accordingly. You can follow up with them by sending them messages through the app. You pay for the medical advice by using this Healthcare App Type. Some apps offer a free consultation for their patients. For Example, DocTalk, Portea, Doctocare, etc. 

Medical Calendar Apps 

You can use Medical Calendar Apps to track your progress through your medical or fitness journey. This Healthcare App type helps you mark important dates, add reminders and enter data about your health status. Period tracking apps fall in this category. You can enter your period dates for one month, and the app will remind you about your coming period the next month. You can add side notes about your physical and mental health that you can refer to later—for Example, Vagaro, TimeTap, FitrWomen, etc. 

Medicine Delivery Apps

 Can't find medicine in the market after a doctor's consultation? Or need some medication urgently? You can sign up and verify your age and address before ordering medicine. You can then upload your prescription on the Medicine Delivery Apps and deliver them home. Some Medicine Delivery Apps give their customers free consultancy so they can order medicines after. For Example, Capsule Pharmacy, NowRx, etc. 

Medical Test Apps

Cannot go out to get medical tests done? Want a home-testing service at affordable rates? If yes, then Medical test apps are here for your rescue. This Healthcare App Type lets you book home testing solutions. You can select the date and date. The company will appoint a person to come to your doorstep and take samples for testing. You can get the Test Results online and download them on your device. Doctors also accept medical test reports by Medical Test Apps. There are many other apps available for you on PlayStore and AppStore. You can download Healthcare Apps as per your requirement and switch between apps if they don't fully satisfy you. For Example, Capsule Pharmacy, NowRx, etc. ) 

mHealth Apps for the future

 Why has the Healthcare App user number increased over the years? According to a report by RockHealth, 89% of participants used one or more Healthcare Apps in 2018. These numbers have shown tremendous growth today. Let us look at some of the benefits of using Healthcare Apps. 

Easy Reach to better health

 You may feel you are going out of your comfort level by paying doctors daily visits. (Although regular checkups are necessary.) But if you have the resources to consult with doctors from anywhere, you may use the medical services often. Moreover, you can keep track of your health with fitness and nutrition apps. 

Healthcare Cost Reduction 

As per ehealthensurance. com, healthcare costs around $456 for an individual per month in the USA. Canadians pay more than $68 billion in case of chronic diseases in direct health costs. Healthcare apps are comparatively affordable and are reducing healthcare costs for people worldwide. You can save time and money if you can reach out to doctors through your smartphones, keep track of your fitness daily, and order medicines and supplements online. You have to pay a minimal fee to consult a doctor, most fitness and nutrition apps are free, and Test appointment apps cost you for the testing. You get access to the best services at a low cost!

Record of Medical Data and History for Health providers

 Doctors maintain medical records for patients that visit them for future reports and references. The patients save their medical prescriptions and test reports for the next visit. Record maintenance of Medical Data and history can become easier with the help of Healthcare Apps. If we continue using Healthcare Apps, our life will become easier. Also, we can have clarity of our Medical History. 

Additional Features 

With advancements in technology, companies are introducing new features for customers daily. Who could imagine that we'll be able to count out steps with the help of our smartphones? Moreover, users can link their watches with their smartphones and track their heart rate, oxygen, etc. Healthcare apps integrate the Internet, Cloud, Internet of Things, AI, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies to run and satisfy customers. 

Payment Model

If you are using services, you have to pay for them. Nothing comes for free. Now the question arises, how to pay for the services you are using online? Healthcare Apps are adopting multiple payment options for the users. You can pay using e-wallets, credit cards, debits cards, or payment gateway if your Healthcare Apps offers. 

Most used Healthcare Apps. 

You know the types, benefits, and future of using a Healthcare App. There are 350,000 Healthcare Apps available across various platforms like PlayStore and AppStore. Customers downloaded the most popular Healthcare Apps (110) more than 10 million times! Interesting number, right? Let's look at some of the most used Healthcare Apps in the market for patients. 1. Leafly 

2. MySugr – Diabetes Tracker 

3. Better Help – Online Counseling 

4. Generis: DNA & Nutrition 

5. VisualDx 

6. Lexicomp 

7. DynaMed 

8. UpToDate 

9. AirStripOB/Cardiology 

10. DailyRounds

Final Words 

A report by Accenture says that more than 74% of people are satisfied with online healthcare services. These services include the use of Healthcare Apps and websites providing fitness and healthcare. People invested $21.6 billion in online healthcare services in 2020. 

The business of Healthcare Apps has been increasing every day, and there is growth in customer demand. In such emerging times, you may want to consider creating a Healthcare App. Why not create an App that provides you profits and satisfies people? What are you thinking? 

You can make a Healthcare App with the least resources and gain success in the developing online healthcare market. AppsRhino is an app development platform. We have a technical support team for any of your app-related needs. Contact us today to build the best Healthcare App!

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