Why online furniture store app is important for your business?

Posted On: July 21, 2022

Posted By: AppsRhino


Why online furniture store app is important for your business? With the changing trends and modernized technology, people prefer to scroll through their smartphones and other devices to get their work done. Today, people can order groceries, food, and utilities and order a taxi with a simple tap from their mobiles.

How can you make your place in this changing world and make people buy from you? How to reach out to these people and make them your customers? How to reach to the market and expand your business? A simple answer to this question is by modernizing your Furniture store! Give your customers services ( your furniture) in the comfort of their homes instead of making them come to your store in person. Creating an Online Furniture Store App would automate showing customers your furniture. According to a report by emizentech, 8 out of 10 customers buy furniture online! You will also have the edge over your competing stores by providing your customers with an app to browse and order from you.


What is an Online Furniture Store App?

By creating an Online App which displays all the furniture products you have and let customers browse through these products from the comfort of their home, you can expand your business and create more profit. Building an Online Furniture Store App gives you an edge over your competitors (which may only have a website or nothing ).

Must-have features for your Online furniture store app

  1. Smart Search
  2. ChatBot
  3. Payment Options
  4. Convincing Template
  5. Dashboard
  6. Order Tracking
  7. Smooth Delivery

Steps to Create your own Online Furniture Store App

  1. Find the right platform
  2. Name your App
  3. Finalize templates and designs
  4. Allow multiple payment methods 5.Feed Product Name and specifics
  5. Find trustworthy partners

Top 3 Online Furniture Store Apps in the market

  1. IKEA
  2. WayFair
  3. Ashley Home Store

You need an Online Furniture Store App to expand your business, provide services to your customers at their home, ease their furniture buying process and have an edge over you competitors. Contact AppsRhino today to create your Online Furniture Store App!

What is an Online Furniture Store App?

According to a statistics report by emizentech, most furniture stores create a website that shows their products and services. The future industry of furniture selling is estimated to have an evaluation of $200 billion worldwide. Potential buyers visit these sites, look at different furniture, compare prices, find a suitable offer, and then come to your store to analyze that product personally. But, only 30% of these stores have an app with the ability to look at their products virtually and then make an online purchase.

A Furniture Store App lets the customer browse through the store goods and furniture online and provides them with necessary specifications and features related to the product. The app further allows the customer to look through former reviews and order the furniture from their homes with suitable payment options. The furniture then gets delivered to their home without them moving a finger. With the increasing demand for such furniture store apps, it's time to have your own!

Must-have features for your Online furniture store app

Your goal should be to create an app that satisfies customer needs. The potential buyers should feel comfortable and visualize themselves as part of the store. Customers should get answers to their queries instantly, and they should turn from potential buyers to buying customers for your online store. Here are some features that you should ensure for your Online Furniture Store.

Smart Search

Since your main goal is to make app-using effortless for your customers, your app should have the Smart Search feature. Make furniture search less time-taking by having a keypad, voice, and picture search option. In addition, your Furniture store app may have options for filtering and sorting data as per need. By using the filters, customers can choose from colors, price range, etc.


While browsing through any product, or the site in general, your customers may have queries or face difficulties. That's why your Furniture store app should have a ChatBot feature. The answering process becomes automated, and you save money that you must have spent on store staff. Also, customers get their answers 24*7 and can feel free to visit your online store anytime. Perhaps, You can take help from BotPenguin, our ChatBot making service, and get your ChatBot today!

Every day offers

As a customer, who doesn't like offers while they buy something? You can launch weekly, monthly, or holiday offers, cheat deals, and packages for your customers to make them visit your site often. This method will attract more customers and may increase your sales.

A varied range of Payment options

Imagine browsing through a furniture store app, and you like a brown-cushioned chair. You add it to your cart and look for payment options. But the online app allows you to only pay in cash, but you wish to make a payment through your credit card. What will you do? You will exit the app or switch to another app that allows multiple payment options. Thus, you shall ensure that the Online furniture store app you create should allow customers to pay through multiple modes.

Convincing template

The app browsing process should be enjoyable for your customers. If your Furniture store's app template is pleasant and follows the ongoing trend, even bored customers would want to scroll through your app and may find something of a choice.

That is why your online app must have a theme and template that relates to the mood of your furniture. The template should attract and engage your customer.

Dashboard for you

How do you know if your online business is scaling and making its place in the market? You shall create a dashboard for yourself where you can look through monthly sales, furniture sold, customer number, highest searched products, etc. You can further customize your Online Furniture Store app as per the dashboard reports.

Order Tracking and Smooth Delivery

After your customer places an order and completes the payment procedure, they might wish to track their order and know the delivery date and time. Your Online Furniture Store App should function smoothly and let your customers track their orders. Customers trust you more if you display transparency during order-making and delivery.

Steps to Create your own Online Furniture Store App

Since you understand that your business must have an online furniture store app, another question arises. Where should you start? What should you do? Here is a list of steps that you should follow to build a successful online Furniture Store Application.

Find the right Platform

The first step is finding a platform for your Online Furniture Store app creation. Do some market research and find out what kind of application attracts the audience. Make sure that the platform you choose should fulfill all your needs related to the app creation and is pocket-friendly.

The best platform for you will be AppsRhino, an all-in-one solution for your app development needs. Contact us today to know more!

Give your App a Name

The name you give to your Online Furniture Store App should be attractive and short and should display your company name and values. You can either name it after your already existing store or give it a new name.

Finalize templates and designs

When a customer visits your website or your Furniture Store App, the first thing they notice is the template and design of the app. Thus, after the platform research, the next thing you should look forward to is choosing (or creating) a design for your application. Make sure that your design matches the product (here, the furniture) you sell.

Choose payment methods

Any customer would like multiple payment methods available to make a transaction after choosing a furniture product. You shall make sure that your app offers a variety of payment methods so that your customers face no problems.

Enter Products

The fun part comes now! Enter all the products you wish to sell on your online furniture store app. Do not forget to enter specifications (such as material, length, height, etc.) for every piece of furniture. Also, enter the price details and reviews for that product.

Find the Right partners

After your app is ready for launch and you have done the product entries, your next step is to find good delivery and marketing partners. The Good delivery partner would ensure timely delivery of the furniture to the customer in good condition. And a marketing team would be responsible for advertising your product and services.

Top 3 Online Furniture Store Apps in the market

here is a list of the top 3 Online Furniture Store Apps that have made their place in the market. These examples will help you determine the furniture store app scope.



PlayStore: 4.7

App Store: 4.7

Downloads: 31.3 million

According to INGKA, after the launch of the IKEA App in July 2019, it gained around 9.5 million monthly users globally. In addition, from January to April 2021, the company received a gross profit of $13.8 billion, and a large percentage was due to the IKEA app. As per statistics, IKEA more customers (29%) under 24 kept increasing after creating their app. Young customers moving out of their family homes use the app to buy new furniture products.



PlayStore: 4.8

App Store: 4.9

Downloads: more than 32 million

There was the launching of the WayFair app on 2nd Sept 2022. The WayFair app allows customers to shop for home furnishing from their homes. The "View in Room 3D" allows customers to analyze how that furniture will look in their room. The net revenue of WayFair in 2021 was $13.7 billion, and a large part of it was due to the online app. WayFair has over $800k monthly users as of 2022.

Ashley HomeStore


PlayStore: 3.9

App Store: 4.6

Ashley Home Store received a revenue of $6.6 billion (source-Forbes). Today, Ashley HomeStore is the #1 home furniture retailer in North America. The company has earned $3.3 billion, including online and offline modes.

Final Words

An Online Furniture Store App will promote your brand to the world and let your customers order and reach out to you sooner. You need a Furniture Store App to expand your business and have a new audience (younger audience) that prefers ordering furniture online. Make sure that your Furniture Store App has features that customers like. Also, you shall answer customer queries as soon as possible. What are you waiting for then? Take help from appsrhino, an app development solution for you! Create an Online Furniture Store App today and expand your business!!