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 Are you a product-based company rolling out numerous products or plan to do so? Are you sure that you have everything essential to launching a stellar product? Establishing a robust and high-performant product brings you laurels, whereas rolling out a substandard product costs you losses and tarnishes your reputation. For instance, weak security issues (all of these were preventable!) have cost technology giants $1.45 billion in fines and settlements. If you want to avoid such bugs and subsequent troubles, you can hire Testing Engineers. And if you go for hiring remote testing engineers, you find yourself in touch with the best talents out there. Although it seems like child's play, it is not in reality. The demand for specialized quality assurance engineers has skyrocketed, with over 308,390 positions anticipated by 2029. And mind you, even though there are numerous testing engineers, only a handful are competent. Thus, to ensure you hire only the best testing engineers, you can refer to this blog. It will tell you their roles and duties, salaries, needed skills, etc. So stick around to know more about hiring testing engineers remotely in 2022.

Testing Engineers Statistics

Testing Engineers Statistics

Here are some fascinating statistics on Testing Engineers. More than 190168 testing engineers are currently working in the USA. The number of female and male testing engineers varies greatly. Only 18.3% of Testing engineers are women, whereas 81.7% are men. The average age of testing engineers is 43 years. Most Testing engineers are in CA, San Jose, and CA, San Diego. The annual average wage of testing engineers is $85065. The average starting salary of testing engineers is $64000. 8% of all of the Testing engineers are LGBT. Female testing engineers earned 96% of what their male counterparts earned. 

What do Testing Engineers do?

What do Testing Engineers do?

 Testing engineers are present in every stage of the product production process and create and implement numerous tests. These tests assist in building a high-quality product as testing engineers prepare these test cases bearing in mind the needs of their customers. These test cases constitute a robust system that examines products to guarantee whether or not: The product quality is high. Products are highly reliable. Products are capable of delivering their functionalities. Products have high speed. The product designs furnish a seamless user experience. Apart from these checks, testing engineers also inspect multiple components of products and prepare a report based on their findings. This report suggests ways in which developers can improve their products. Although every testing engineer does these things, their ways of testing and job vary greatly depending on the industry and customer needs. 

Duties of Testing Engineers

Testing engineers are an integral and crucial part of a production process as they are the ones who approve products before their launch and arrival at the market. Since different industries and products require other things from testing engineers, the following duties are the ones that are common in all: Testing engineers monitor that every stage of the development process obeys the safety measures and standards. Testing engineers should be willing to work with every department to wrap their heads around the product goals. Knowing about product goals helps them build a high-quality product. Testing engineers should be able to produce testing frameworks and list testing parameters after receiving product inputs from the design team. Testing engineers should be able to employ testing frameworks to keep tabs on the process, document the results, and take steps to eliminate the bugs. Testing engineers should chalk out multiple test cases and create an appropriate testing environment to check products. Testing engineers should suggest changes to improve the product's quality. The onus to ensure that products met the quality standard decided and agreed on by the clients and developers is on testing engineers. Testing engineers also have to conduct data analysis employing the test results. Testing engineers should carefully document all testing procedures, suggestions, and results. 

What are the skills that Testing Engineers need to possess?

 The skills that one expects from their testing engineers depend on the industry in which they work. However, the following skills are common in all testing engineers. 

1. Technical skills

Technical skills

Testing engineers should have a solid grasp of the following things to build testing frameworks, execute tests and successfully analyze reports: Software development Testing methodologies Testing strategies Knowledge of the concepts mentioned above contributes to developing an efficient system to produce products rich in quality. Besides these concepts, proficient testing engineers also possess expertise in the following areas: Different OS (operating systems) Backend programming Comprehension of Quality management systems Understanding of product development life cycle If testing engineers are in the manufacturing sector, they should also know what materials are, various circuits, and equipment functions. 

2. Project Manager

 Testing engineers need to work with numerous other teams such as design, production and quality assurance, etc. Also, they have a crunch time within which they should test their products. Therefore testing engineers should possess project management skills that will enable them to execute tests, prepare reports, and correct errors. Such a skill is mandatory to deliver products on time sans compromises on the quality. 

3. Analytical and Logical Reasoning

 Analytical and logical reasoning are essential qualities that every testing engineer should have to define products' quality requirements. Also, it helps to develop relevant test cases, conduct tests, analyze the test outcomes and identify the areas needing improvement. Testing engineers should consider customer needs and scenarios where the product might go kaput while preparing test cases for every product. Remote Testing Engineers: Being proactive Testing engineers who are up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging technologies can easily understand the market, product scalability, and challenges. This habit also leads testing engineers to develop new methodologies and tools to enhance the testing process, making it more efficient. In addition, staying proactive gives testing engineers an edge over those who are not- staying proactive allows them to further their careers. Remote Testing Engineers: Teamwork Working on a project means working with different people. Also, additional projects mean working with new diverse teams every time. Therefore, being open to change and comfortable working with other and new team members is essential. 

4. Interpersonal skills

Testing engineers have a job that requires them to work with multiple teams and people and document test outcomes. They also produce various suggestions for technical and non-technical teams. All these requirements need them to write things in a simple language and express and convey their perspectives unequivocally. Apart from expressing themselves clearly, they should also be good listeners and welcome different perspectives. 

What are the tools that Testing Engineers should be able to use?

Every industry demands its testing and remote testing engineers to be masters at using different tools and tools concerning that particular industry. However, every testing engineer should know how to use the following tools: 

1. Jira 

2. Stryka 

3. SQL 

4. Selenium 

5. Apache JMeter 

6. LabVIEW 

7. AutoCAD 

8. Mantis 

9. Postman 

What are the average salaries of Testing Engineers?

The average base salary of testing engineers is ₹3,79,933 per year. The pay varies with different industries and the positions of testing engineers. For instance, a senior testing engineer has an average base salary of ₹5,65,646 per year. In contrast, the average base salary of a testing manager is ₹10,94,359 per annum. Additionally, their wages also vary according to the following factors: their skills geographical location the company 

How to Hire Testing Engineers Remotely in 2022?

Your selection criteria depend on the following factors: the complexity of the project under development the company's budget the essential needs of a testing engineer. Based on these factors, you can hire your remote testing engineers in the following ways: 

Remote Testing Engineers: In-house Team

 If your product is complex and has a long development lifecycle, you should go for an in-house team. These in-house teams thoroughly comprehend the products, leading to effortless product maintenance. The downside is that this model can be expensive as these testing engineers seek salaries every month. Besides it, you also need to arrange for health insurance, paid vacations, and other employee perks. 

Remote Testing Engineers: Outsourced Specialist

 If you plan to outsource testing engineers, you need to hand them out a complete description of your product and what you need from them. Once you do this, you need to assign them teams so that they can get started. Generally, outsourcing agencies prefer to work with the entire development cycle. 

Remote Testing Engineers: Full-Time Contractors

 You can also opt for this way of hiring testing engineers remotely if you want to hire them for a certain period. This option is cost-effective as you do not need to pay them extra bonuses, unlike the in-house teams. 


 Hiring testing engineers have become the need of the hour. People abandon shoddy or poorly built products without giving them a second thought. You ensure that your products are perfect and bug-free before their launch by hiring testing engineers. But you need to go through appraising your candidates, looking for the desired qualities, training them, etc. This lengthy procedure eats up your precious time. You can save your time by hiring someone already proficient at this task. And no one is better than AppsRhino

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