What skills should I test while hiring Testing Engineers?

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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What skills should I test while hiring Testing Engineers?

Are you starting a new project or creating a new app? After the app development, how can you test if your app is bug-free? How to ensure that the quality of your product is perfect?

There are many such questions that Testing Engineers can answer. You can call Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers Testing Engineers because they are responsible for creating a test plan and analyzing the quality of an app or project before launch.

After your project is complete, you require highly skilled Testing Engineers so that you can get the best out of it.

Imagine creating a good-enough project. Your project solution has demand in the market, and your idea is worthy. You assemble a team and complete the project with hard work and effort. But after launching the project in the market, your customers face issues and are not content with the outcomes. Will you consider it successful?

What if you hire a testing Engineer with the required skills to test your project before launch. The engineer fixes all the bugs and makes your program ready to begin in the market. You will receive higher positive reviews, extended customer reach, and higher profits. Which out of the two seems better?


According to Zippia, over 190,168 Testing Engineers are in the United States. Are you looking for the perfect Testing Engineer for your next project? You can either hire Testing Engineers or take them from another company.

Here are some skills you must check in a Testing Engineer before hiring.

Role of Testing Engineers Finding bugs and malfunctions in the project Manual and Automated Testing Risk Calculation

Technical Skills to look for before hiring Testing Engineers SLDC Product Knowledge and Testing Scripting Knowledge Linux commands Knowledge and use of SQL Basic Programming Knowledge Understanding of Operating Systems Latest Technologies and Customer Demand

Soft Skills required by Testing Engineers Communication Skills Time Management Problem-Solving Creative Skills Conflict Management Skills

Roles of a Testing Engineers

To understand how to hire the best Testing Engineers, let us first look at the roles and jobs every Testing Engineer shall fulfill while being a part of your company.

Finding bugs and malfunctions in the project

As a Testing Engineer, the primary job will be to find bugs in the project. The idea is to make the project usable for the customers without glitches. Who would want to use an application that keeps hanging, takes time to load, or has misarranged graphics?

Manual and Automated testing

Some apps require manual testing, and others can work on automated testing. While manual testing does not require testing tools, you cannot for automated testing for 100% of the work. The testing engineers will be testing projects by both methods as per requirement.

Risk Calculation in QA Testing

In risk-based testing, the Testing Engineers analyze the consequences while testing software and find the probability of risk the project can withstand. The Testing Engineers have to adopt risk calculation in many projects.

Technical Skills to look for while hiring Testing Engineers

Testing projects is purely technical work. Testing Engineers should be efficient at testing scripts, results, schematics, procedures, equipment, etc.

Here are some technical skills you shall look for while hiring Testing Engineers for your company.

Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC)

Software Development Life Cycle involves the integration of Analytics and Planning Design and Development Testing and Deployment Maintainance Evaluation and Disposal

To create software with the best quality in a small amount of time. If your Testing Engineer is familiar with SLDC and works to produce orderly outcomes, you have the right candidate for the job!

Product Knowledge and Testing

Why do you require testing engineers?

You have to provide a streamlined, user-friendly experience and indirectly gain success. Your Testing Engineer should be familiar with the product, understand the program used for development, and be familiar with the features. If your Testing Engineer knows the product, the testing process will be more efficient and worthy.

Moreover, the Testing Engineer will be able to understand the need of the users and focus on the targetted audience while analyzing the project!

Scripting Knowledge

The goal of writing a program is to produce desired results. Therefore, developers use the scripting (commenting) technique to compare the code with the output. Testing Engineers use Automated Test Scripting. (A set of instructions programmers write while making a program to check if the results are as expected.)

Linux Commands

Most Testing Engineers use Linux as a platform to test and program while ensuring the quality of a product.
They use the platform for starting, executing, and stopping programs while testing. Testing Engineers can create, delete or distribute files and folders using Linux. Testers can also move files between different folders to verify them. Windows Task Manager helps stop programs with bugs that cannot work due to defective codes.

Knowledge and use of SQL

SQL or Structured Query language is a domain-specific language that programmers use for creating and designing programs.

With the help of SQL, Testing Engineers can insert, move or delete test data values using SQL databases effortlessly. Knowledge of SQL is a great help to every Testing Engineer, so they should know how to work on it.

Basic Programming Knowledge

Testing Engineers have to check the completion and working of the product and may not require intense coding skills. But they need an understanding of the product and program used to make it.

Manual testing may not require coding skills. But if the testing engineer is experienced and uses automation tools to test the program, Testing Engineers should know how to code.

Understanding of Operating Systems

Any Testing Engineer should know about Windows, Linux, and Mac for the basics. Moreover, they must be keen to learn about more Operating Systems.

Testing Engineers should understand the primary difference between these operating systems and be able to differentiate them when necessary.

Testing Engineers should also be comfortable with mobile operating platforms, Android and iOS. The Testing Engineers should also know of systems that wearable devices use.

Latest Technologies and Customer Demand

Testing Engineers need to understand the features and working of the project they have to test. Therefore, they should have updates about the latest technologies and trends in the market. Your Testing Engineers should also understand the customer's needs and make changes in the project accordingly.

Soft Skills required by Technical Engineers

Communication Skills

One of the abilities to work in a team is effective communication. Effective communication ensures coordination between the team and produces better outputs. The Testing Engineer should communicate well with the developer and management team to have a smooth workflow.

The Testing Engineer shall be able to contact and explain the problem in the program to the project developer. Moreover, if there is any delay in the work, every team member must be informed.

Time Management

Testing Engineers may spend the most time completing and testing urgent projects and leave out the other work. Any Testing Engineer you hire should be able to manage their time between testing projects, updating regression tests, learning new modules, and attending meetings. Better time management ensures maintaining a stable workflow.

Problem Solving Skills

If you are a Testing Engineer, your primary skill should be problem-solving. Finding bugs in the project and finding out solutions to fix them is what Testing Engineers do.

If your Testing Engineer can not solve minor problems and faces difficulty in finding solutions, project completion will require extra effort from your end.

Creative Skills

You will not be able to find all the defects in the program through manual or automated testing. As a Testing Engineer, you will have to be creative! You will have to find new ways to detect bugs and solve them early. You have to receive the project from the development team, detect bugs and fix them and send the project for launch and marketing. Testing is the final step for any product before launch. Therefore, the Testing Engineers must be creative and swift in their work.

Conflict Management Skills

As effective as teamwork is, there are times when certain conflicts arise due to disagreements. Project making and personal differences may lead to disputes. Your Testing Engineer should be able to handle such situations patiently and solve the issue. Managing internal conflicts is a skill required for every employer.

Interview Questions to ask Testing Engineers

While hiring Testing Engineers, how do you analyze if they will be the best for your team? Here is a list of interview questions you can ask while hiring Testing Engineers for your team.

If the potential candidates can answer these questions and showcase their skills to you, you may find the right Testing Engineers.

  1. Explain the difference between build and release.
  2. What do you know about MySQL?
  3. Explain bug leakage.
  4. What are the different software testing types?
  5. What is a Test Case?
  6. How do automate the process of testing?
  7. Tell me about your QA testing skills.
  8. What tools do you use while testing software?
  9. What is configuration management?
  10. Tell me something about Bugtriage.


An average Testing Engineer earns around $85,000 per year. If you are paying a high salary to your Testing Engineer, you should ensure they have all the skills required by your team and product.

How can you test such skills?

You must ensure your Testing Engineer candidates go through a screening process that includes: Testing 1 or 2 projects to test skills. Interviews where you can ask them about their technical and non-technical skills. You shall also be able to test their knowledge about the field after the interview.

After you become sure that a Testing Engineer is perfect for your team, you can hire them. You can either follow a lengthy screening process (that might take more than 60 days) or hire Testing Engineers from other companies that can provide you with a team or a single dedicated testing engineer.

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