What is the most affordable food delivery app?

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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What is the most affordable food delivery app? 

Do you wish to purchase food on a budget but lack time? Although employing a food delivery app is an option, they are known to be pricey. The lockdowns were made easier thanks to food delivery apps. It's incredible how easy it is to conceive of your favorite dish, order it using a food delivery app, and then wait for it to arrive at your door. Thankfully, several well-known food delivery apps let users benefit from time and money savings. It seems sensible that affordable food delivery apps are becoming more and more popular. You can order food from your choice of restaurant and deliver it to your door. Even if paying delivery and service fees is necessary, you can reduce them using the most affordable food delivery app. But which is the least expensive? Which food delivery app helps you order more at a much lesser price and also ensures good quality food? Find out by reading on to know what is the most affordable food delivery app.

How do I pick the most affordable food delivery app?

Think about the following:

Delivery charges

The majority of apps charge a flat delivery fee. However, other applications let the various restaurants you choose to buy from determine their delivery costs. Remember that if you order from a restaurant that is not a partner, certain food delivery apps also charge a service fee.

Purchase minimum 

The order minimum is usually determined by restaurants, though occasionally, apps will set their minimum and charge you more if your order doesn't meet it.

Accepted means of payment

 Most food delivery apps take all major credit and debit cards, but some also accept Paypal or cash. 

User experience

Food delivery apps should strive to create a smooth purchasing experience since they are designed for convenience. Apps that enable you to search and browse with filters like menu price, food item, and user ratings are ones for which you should look. You can track your orders in real-time with some apps. 

Working methods

 It's crucial to know that the person handling your meal is receiving good treatment from their employers, whether you're a customer or a driver. 

Why Does Food Delivery Cost So Much?

  1. Since you pay for much more than just the food, food delivery is pricey.
  2. You must also pay the delivery driver, and the app must turn a profit. 
  3. Additionally, if you place an order during busy times, you must outbid other consumers. 
  4. The applications can therefore afford to charge you a more excellent price for your food. 
  5. An online ordering system is also helpful, so you don't have to wait around for your food. 
  6. Instead of using your time and energy to pick up the meal, you pay for that convenience with money. 

What is the cheapest food delivery app?

It would help to look at a few well-liked choices when searching for the cheapest food delivery app. After that, you may ensure that your food delivery app is at its most affordable. Since no two apps are precisely alike, it might be challenging to determine which one is the cheapest. You may examine the various costs associated with each app, though. To get food from nearby eateries, look at the following delivery apps. 

1. DoorDash 

What you need to know about using the app to order food is as follows:

  1. Customers can browse restaurants on the internet and mobile app and place orders. 
  2. Instead of charging clients a commission fee based on a percentage, the app charges a flat payment of $1.99 to $5.99. 
  3. During busy delivery times, DoorDash assesses a surge fee. 
  4. Restaurants using the DoorDash merchant program must pay a 15% fee for delivery. 
  5. Although there is no minimum order requirement, you must spend more than $15 to qualify for free delivery. DoorDash will impose a $2 small order fee for orders under $10.
  6. The DoorDash app features a variety of deals, including $15 off or 30% off your order. 

Using DoorDash can be a terrific way to save money at nearby eateries. Additionally, you can save time since you don't need to drive to obtain your food. 

2. Grubhub

Another competitor for the cheapest food delivery app is Grubhub. 

  1. Customers can use cash or pay online, linking them to neighboring establishments. 
  2. For most orders, the Grubhub delivery fee is under $7. Paying $9.99 monthly for Grubhub+ entitles you to free delivery from participating restaurants.
  3. Due to the lack of surge pricing, Grubhub can be the least expensive delivery app at busy times. 
  4. Grubhub charges restaurants 10% for each delivery. Additionally, the app charges 20% of every order placed using the Grubhub app. 
  5. Customers can get whatever they want because there are no order minimums.
  6. Numerous promos are available on the app, including free delivery and a free trial of Grubhub+. 
  7. Grubhub may offer the best value if you want to order meals during a hectic lunch or dinner rush. 
  8. You can pay the same amount during peak and off-peak hours because surge pricing is not a concern. 

3. Uber Eats

The most excellent option for Uber to enter the food delivery market was through Uber Eats. However, it would help to consider Uber Eats' order pricing.

  1. The app charges a $3.99 delivery cost and service fees ranging from $1 to $4.
  2. Customers should be prepared to pay extra when driver availability changes at peak times because Uber uses surge pricing. 
  3. Uber Eats charges restaurants a 30% service fee. What price is decreased to 15% for restaurants that offer pick-up or use their delivery personnel? 
  4. You don't have to be concerned with minimum orders when using Uber Eats.
  5. Like other food delivery apps, Uber Eats offers discounts on your order in percentage or dollar amounts.
  6. Using Uber Eats makes sense if you already use Uber for rides. You can use the service without downloading any additional apps. 

4. Postmates 

Use Postmates to place an order from your preferred neighborhood eatery. What you need to know about the app is as follows:

  1. More than 100 cities and metropolitan areas provide Postmates, which may be used for more than just food delivery. 
  2. Customers must pay a fixed cost to Postmates rather than a commission fee. The charge is $3.99 when placing an order from a partner restaurant. Otherwise, it will run you $5.99. 
  3. Blitz pricing, Postmates' take on surge pricing, is used. During the busiest times, costs will likely increase.
  4. Restaurants are required to pay Postmates 30% of each order. 
  5. Although Postmates doesn't require a minimum order, there is a $1.99 small order fee. 
  6. Using the Postmates app, you can receive discounts on deliveries ranging from $10 to $25. 
  7. Postmates is fantastic, even if it doesn't have a sizable market share. 
  8. Many eateries allow you to place an order without paying anything. 


 Caviar can be a better option for you if you dislike fast food or other national chains of restaurants. But, can it be compared in terms of price? 

  1. Caviar specializes in delivering meals from upscale eateries. 
  2. Depending on the city and how far you are from the restaurant, delivery costs might range from $1.99 to $8.99. 
  3. If Caviar levies, a surge fee is unknown. 
  4. When a restaurant uses Caviar for delivery, they must pay Caviar a 30% fee.
  5. There is no minimum order quantity on Caviar. However, the majority of the eateries are pricey.
  6. The app occasionally offers promotions like free delivery. 
  7. For upscale eateries, Caviar is a fantastic app to take into consideration. 
  8. It's not the cheapest app for food delivery, though. 

What is the most affordable food delivery app, then?

 Uber Eats was the cheapest food delivery app of the five most affordable food delivery apps we evaluated (DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Postmates). Although food delivery is not inexpensive, don't overpay. Even though ordering meals online and picking them up locally will always be less expensive, it may not always be the most attractive choice. Food delivery apps are helpful when you're busy at work or don't feel like leaving the house, but that doesn't mean you should have to pay $15 for a $5 dinner. Although Uber Eats and GrubHub were evenly matched, Uber Eats ultimately prevailed. Signing up for a monthly membership would be beneficial if you frequently use a food delivery app. Several criteria determine which food delivery app is the least expensive depending on your order size, where you are, and whether you have a subscription. Compare the delivery and surge fees of a few different delivery apps. Then, you can select the cheapest food delivery app to make the most significant financial savings possible on your subsequent food order.

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